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Over a year and getting close .... Deep Contractions
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 619
    Many here have helped me over the the last year when I have gotten close and then when it just stopped. But I am back in an upswing where it is really feeling good. I have had it build where I thought something big was coming. The it all subsides. I am not really frustrated ot anything, because it still feels great, good enough that I look forward to it.

    I will add, I don't have the time for hours and hours for a session, my sessions can range from 45-90 minutes and I average about 4-5 per week.

    The question, does a Super O physically feel like a traditional O? I have worn the Aneros during sex and during orgasm, the device is pulled in hard and there are contractions that cause the device to pivot pressing hard against the prostate. 

    Now, during my regular sessions, I will get involuntary movement, even if I try to stop it it will begin again, I can feel the device rubbing the prostate area, but aft a bit, I will get a really deep contraction, sometimes it feels really good and can take my breath away, sometimes it doesn't cause that feeling. But it almost always causes me to have to start over building the deep prostate feelings back up.

    I have no warning for these deep contractions and they happen suddenly and sometimes I will shudder a bit right before. I have explained throughout that I feel like these contractions are halting my progress, but I am powerless to stop them.

    Anyone else had these? Is there a way to harness them? Are they a part of the experience?