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Have You Ever..............
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 244
    So today my boss got on my last nerves. I needed to blow off some steam so I went to the gym afterwards. Side note I now carry my Device with me as my ready to go toy when ever i need a good ride. Since I have not really had a regular session with him I thought this will be better to reintroduce myself to him. I have only done it three times. So as I'm in the gym doing the bikes I see a few guys eyeing me. It could have been my imagination but I know the look. I was wearing some tight blue compression pants and a tank. So as I'm riding the bikes my prostate starts to buzz. I hop off the bike and hit the shower. There seperate with a curtain so I cleaned out and stuck my device in with out the vibrator. It went in easy with just spit. (i dont condon it for a regular session though) I had to hold on to the wall from the great ride I was having. I was leaking so much pre cum. So After that 15 mintue ride. I hit the steam/suana room. I still had my Device in me. I can sit on it easilly. I don't know if it was the heat or just me being horny from seeing the guys work out but I was like a rocket about to blast off. No cum but had a very long lasting full body orgasm and since i was alone i moaned and it felt great. 

    So i left there and it was time to leave. I wiped down and took my toy out and it made a pop noise but it was juicy. I quickly hid the toy away and put on a fresh new jock strap and perceeded home. As I'm driving i can feel my hole and it was gapping open. I wanted to stop ad check it but i was minutes away from the house. I got home and went to my room and pulled down my pants and my hole was so wet. I guess it wanted more. I also took a picture of it and it was still open as if the Device was still inside. (side not i have a nice pretty hole which made me horny all over again) 

    So my question to you guys have you ever had a ride that left you open? Not like a sink hole or nothing but you could feel like you could stick two fingers up there and you could milk your self real fast and good. I ended up going to the bath room and fingering my hole cause I felt like it was screaming for more. I have been fisted before so maybe my body is urning for that again. But yeah maybe it has happen to you as well. Would love to hear what my bro's have to say about this.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 629
    Yeah totally know the feeling. Had it almost everytime I used The Share (strapless strapon). Loved the feeling.