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Trying to justify the second purchase
  • HofdudeHofdude
    Posts: 22
    So I've had a helix for well over a year and a half now.  It's been great.  I don't know if I've had a super O or anything but the best results I've gotten was getting hard and having an orgasm hands-off.  What I usually love to do is just pull up some porn, lie on my back, and sort of just get lost in it all.  I end up getting hard and a fullness feeling from the helix and it just does its own thing.  I don't really actively pump it and the only time I do breathing is when I'm just in the moment.  Overall, it's a really satisfying experience.

    Now I'm sort of debating if I should move up in models.  I've been looking at the Progasm Jr. or the Progasm itself.  I figured the next one should be the Jr. since it's in between Helix and Progasm in terms of size.  I really like the do nothing, fullness aspect when I'm using aneros.  Also, since both of those models don't have a long tail like the helix does, I'm sure it'll be able to move more freely especially when I'm lying on my back.  I'm just wondering if buying a new toy would really justify the money spent.  The helix has been great and I'm wondering if that's all I need.  If I fell in love with the new model, would it be a waste if I never used the Helix again?  Is the difference between models that big of a difference?

    Just looking for what you guys think and what your experience has been before I decide to make the purchase.  Thanks!
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    @Hofdude, Progasm Jr is a great middle size model. Different shape seems to fit nicely and no tail problems.
    "I'm just wondering if buying a new toy would really justify the money spent."
    Is it worth buying another? Yes they are expensive, more so if your are out of the US. It is less than a night out, less than going out to dinner, three times the cost of going to a movie, less than going to a major football match, same as two bottles of good wine or a half a tank of gas. But another model or more will give pleasure for years AND years AND years. I have had my models for 2 years so far with benefits to numerous to list. Most of the Aneros folk have a number of models, and use them all.
    Of course it depends on ones financial position. But another model(s) will pay for itself in safe pleasure and satisfaction for a long, long time as well as all the associated health benefits. They should make you happier as you age (yes it happens to us all) and may help you feel younger as you live longer.
    Don't skimp on yourself.
  • didymusdidymus
    Posts: 99
  • I've had almost all models. About a year ago or less i gave them all away since i get prostate orgasms w'o one in. When Maximus went on sale i got one since i like big models since they seem like a real cock in me, and i wanted to rejuvenate the Aneros experience. Very successful, although the tail prevents full movement if flat on bed. I used it on my side and/or with a pillow under my buttocks. Then when DeVice went on sale i got that because i was curious. When i had the Vice i wasn't really impressed with the vibe effect. I just recently got 2 of the Peridise again and that's all i intend to use.. I am planning to post a thread offering the Max and DeVice to someone(s) who would like one or other or both, and can't afford them.
  • dmiketdmiket
    Posts: 33
    @hofdude. FWIW...I just made my second phase this morning. I went with the Progasm jr. It's something that's been going around and around in my mind for three or four months now, so it wasn't a fast decision for me.
    I've been having great results with the MGX since new year's eve this year.
    I made that first purchase last July and haven't regretted a minute.
    I've also come to have a greater understanding of my body and I'll appreciate the changes in shape size and feel with the Progasm jr.
    That in itself is exciting to me. Even as I write this i'm stoked thinking about it arriving in a few days.
    So I'd feel comfortable saying if you're enjoying your journey so far go for it and enjoy the ride.
    Good health.
  • dmiketdmiket
    Posts: 33
    ...purchase this morning. ...
  • HofdudeHofdude
    Posts: 22
    Alright, thanks guys.  I think I'll make the purchase since it's also something I've been thinking about for a couple of months.  It's just getting myself to actually do it and switch things up from the Helix which makes me a little hesitant.  But I'm sure I won't regret it.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @Hofdude Maximus is great step forward from helix. I find it gives a different massage from Pro JR.
    Max is relaxing and soothing where is JR is more direct with more pressure.

    Yes having different models is great! They all have different personalities and you will find your faverite changes over time but you always go back and revisit them.

    Max is not to big not to small but just right. Dont overlook it!
  • HofdudeHofdude
    Posts: 22
    @braveneworld really? Augh, now I'm second guessing myself haha.  I'll research a bit more into that model as well. The reason I'm piqued by the Jr. is because of the shorten tabs.  I feel like without the long tail it would be more mobile as I lie on my back.
  • dmiketdmiket
    Posts: 33
    @hofdude. I'd be interested to hear how you like maximus if you go that route.
    Having another forum member share their experience with these tools is a great benefit to those of us earlier in our journey.
    I'll have a better idea by weeks end of how Progasm jr and I will be connecting.
    I'd be happy to share my experiences as they occur if that'd be useful to you.
    As far as my new purchase is concerned I can hardly wait!
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    I have Progasm Ice and Mximus and can vouch for the junior based off of the Pros texture and design.

    I'd say that while being more direct the Jr. would feel far more soothing texture wise as the texture is like glass and sublime to the senses as opposed to Maximus matte plastic texture. This doesn't make Maximus bad, just different.

    However, message wise I’d have to agree that Maximus is indeed more soothing as it applys less pressure and has a gentler yet sensual touch. But again, that doesn't make anyone better than the other just different.

    I am always in the mood for different sensations and feeling therefore i love both the Pro Ice and Max, however the tabs on the ice are a real drawback in my opinion as they hurt after a little while.

    There is no such thing as "moving up" in terms of these models, we can only "move over" as no model is better than another, just different.

    P.S.: The difference is really big between non-copy models imo. And i think if you like the pro jr. then you'll simply alternate between the helix and the jr. since you'll likely crave both based off of thier different design and feel. I just realised how much i used the word different in this post. ;))
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @hofdude sorry to cause you to double think :)
    I started with Helix classic which got me halfway rewired sort of I then bought 
    Eupho classic because now that I could move the aneros correctly I could get the eupho moving lots.

    I figured their massages so get smallest ,middle and then largest because of limited funds.

    I had my first super O with Eupho I then bought
    Progasm Ice coz its the largest and Ice because it was latest tech . Smooth MORE MOVEMENT.

    Hope you see the trend Its about movement.......
    The Ice was huge but the bloody thing was so intoxicating I loved it.
    Then I was offered a second hand unit Maximus but ended up being given
    Maximus, full Peridise set, Tempo,and Vice.
    Now out of all of these although they are all good the Maximus stands out for me.
    My friend that I met on this forum has many different devices and Like the Maximus best too.
    He just bought the Progasm Jr but he disliked it so much when he found out I wanted one he sent it to me.
    I have only had one session with it. I can get the Pro Ice Throbbing so when the pro Jr went in it really went to town! I have not had anther session yet but it was a great massage. The JR certainly looks sleek and shiny. Its massage movement is the same as Pro ice but not as filling and so you can move it easier.
    It is still what I would call a rougher massage than and gentle sublime massage.

    So there you have it now you have the story.
    Only you can decide. I used reason and logic, A method to my madness to begin with but as you can see it blew out to full on maddness.

    Getting a new model can daunting but in the end It does not matter what you buy YOU will want to try another different one. You just cant help it!

    If you have the choice go for new tech as it moves more freely. ie Progasm vs Progasm ICE.
    Movement is the key! If you can not wield the magic wand then Please wont follow! 
    Just because it is your favourite now does not mean it will be forever, your body will choose what it wants!
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    @hofdude - I also recommend that you look at the smaller models. The Peridise set or a Eupho Syn should be considered. The smallest Peridise has delivered more than what was expected and is my goto when things start to slow down with my Helix Syn. Those little units can really get you going!

    If you have BPH at all, go smaller.

  • dmiketdmiket
    Posts: 33
    Update. .I've had my Progasm jjr almost a week now and have had three sessions since it arrived.
    First was a dud...went right for jr without warming up first. MGX is my go to. It's gotten me to places I didn't know existed, let alone know how to get there.
    numbers two and three went a lot better. Warmed up nicely, made the switch over to jr.
    that's when things got going. The fullness of the new device was welcome. Let it settle in and had 1.5 hours time with it. Felt nice!I would certainly agree with those who say that it's a bit of a rough a ride
    Todays' third session was a morning session, and went a lot better than I had any expectations. I guess those are probably the best session.
    I would be interested in trying out the Maximus though . Knowing now that it was the shape of the MGX but bigger I probably would have went in that direction first.
    not to say that I'm disappointed. Far from it.
    So if this is any help great dude.
    good luck with your choice and have fun!