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The Ultimate Aneros Lube (POLL)
  • View Poll Results: Weighing performance vs. safety, which of the following lube options do you consider the best? Voters: 101

    You may not vote on this poll

    Vaseline 15 14.85%

    Shea Butter 31 30.69%

    Probe 2 1.98%

    ID Glide 12 11.88%

    Other Water-Based (please specify) 23 22.77%

    Silicone-Based (please specify) 7 6.93%

    Grapeseed Oil 4 3.96%

    Coconut Oil 20 19.80%

    Olive Oil 9 8.91%

    Other (please specify) 13 12.87%

  • I have seen hundreds of threads regarding lube choice but none with a poll, so I figured I would start one...
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Not having tried olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, ID Glide or Probe, my answer would have to be highly subjective!
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 993
    @sensitiveguy22 I have two equal lubes. The poll does not allow for this. Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil and Bees Wax mix -see 'Natural Jelly' variants. I use both but not at the same time. I consider both safe. Both are non water based, smell nice, slippery. So I can't vote, pity
    I don't like the after smell of coconut oil.
  • STARR831STARR831
    Posts: 71
    I've had very good results this past year with Slippery Stuff.
  • Of course it's subjective, but vote for the one you have found to be the best so far. There are many I haven't tried myself but I've tried to reflect options I have seen mentioned a lot throughout the forum. Also I can edit the poll to allow multiple choices I suppose.
  • didymusdidymus
    Posts: 99
  • Yes I understand that, but rather than have two polls I figured you guys can weigh the positives and negatives and choose the one you think is best overall (hence the and/or) Perhaps I should word the question different though if you're confused. I see why there hadn't been a poll lol, too many stipulations.
  • Ok, since some of you were getting hung up on formalities and semantics, I changed the title and poll question. Sorry, I'm an engineer, not a technical writer or statistician. :p. Better now?
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 387
    Boy Butter H2O. It contains Shea Butter. It's not expensive, lasts and doesn't stain. No weird reactions. I think you could butter your toast with it.

    I hate the name.

  • Xileh said:

    Boy Butter H2O. It contains Shea Butter. It's not expensive, lasts and doesn't stain. No weird reactions. I think you could butter your toast with it.

    I hate the name.


    Hmm, might have to check that out.  Yeah, staining is another thing to consider.  One thing I don't like about grapeseed oil (my personal fav so far) is that it can leave stains.
  • Surely there's more than 21 members on this forum. It would be great if everyone voted so we could have a larger consensus...
  • didymusdidymus
    Posts: 99
  • I don't think that matters, though perhaps if I said weighing pros vs. cons as opposed to naming any specific attribute it would confuse less.  Really though I only care to know overall what people consider the best lube for aneros use.  Yes different people will probably place different importance on factors, but regardless as voting amount increases trends should be evident.  Then we can analyze why results reflect what they do...

  • txrotxro
    Posts: 7
    Unpetroleum jelly
  • norm348norm348
    Posts: 10
    Have any of you tried Aneros Sessions lube? How does it compare to the others ? This is the only lube I have ever tried. It seems to work well for me .Since it is sold by Aneros for their devices I would assume they have well tested it and it is "Safe". What do you folks think?
  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 255
    Only recently obtained Shea butter and to me it's the best, but I still use a bit of olive oil to coat the device ( Helix Syn) after a thin coating of Shea. And my fallback is A&D ointment (lanolin and Vaseline) with olive oil.
  • A light coating of Vaseline followed with coconut oil. Still going to try Shea butter also. I think coconut oil might be one of the safer/safest ones from what I have read so far.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 756
    I've had good luck with Slippery Stuff Gel, with some Un-Petroleum Jelly thinly covering my Aneros device. It'll easily slip out after an overnighter and I can still push out lube, too.
  • varmintvarmint
    Posts: 92
    H20 Anal water based work great for me.  Nice and slippery and lasts long time for water based!
  • mlmacmlmac
    Posts: 11
    The best lube that works for me thus far is Astroglide silicone. I've been on my journey now for three years and always find myself experimenting with other lubes. I tried using Shea butter a few times ( as I see that it's the most popular lube of choice here) , but I found it to be sort of messy and so user friendly. Maybe I wasn't doing something right or I had an old batch. Regardless, I always seem to find my way back to using silicone.
  • BuffaloBuffalo
    Posts: 3
    No one else has mentioned them, but I find using a lube syringe with about 5 pumps of A) SAFEWAY ADVANCED HEALING unscented lotion or B) BURT'S BEE'S SHEA BUTTER with VITAMIN E - also unscented - are long lasting and (until recently ... see below)  safe to use.  After some time, a small squirt on the head of my TEMPO (or other device) will keep it all moving smooth and easy. 

    However, I've substantially reduced use of the Burt Bee's thing as it contains Vitamin E (something many feel is safe - but see the below):

    "The new study, published Feb. 21 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, also found that vitamin E supplements can more than double a man's prostate cancer risk, but only if the man has low concentrations of selenium in his body.  The upshot, said Kristal, is simple: Don't take high-dose selenium or vitamin E supplements.  "No one's ever been able to demonstrate any benefit for taking high doses of selenium or vitamin E, so why do it?" he said. "There's no benefit, there's only risk, so what's the point?""


    All that said, I have to plug my new TEMPO.  I have tried Helix classic + Syn, Eupo Syn, and Beginner's Peridise.   My progress was so clear using the Peridise I had to upgrade to the TEMPO - and it is the best of the lot.  You can feel and control a very wide range of tiny movements with the TEMPO that can last hours - even overnight - without some of the negative effects of the others: a feeling of discomfort, whether by friction or something when used too many hours. 
  • norm348 said:

    Have any of you tried Aneros Sessions lube? How does it compare to the others ? This is the only lube I have ever tried. It seems to work well for me .Since it is sold by Aneros for their devices I would assume they have well tested it and it is "Safe". What do you folks think?

    That's what I figured too. It seems alright but I don't know that I should have bought 3 bottles of it...
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,786
    @Buffalo:  thanks for mentioning the hazards of supplemental Vit. E and Selenium!

    I was one of the early enrollees in the SELECT study and was shocked when that approach to prevention of PCa was abruptly cancelled.

    Aside from some Vitamin D, my Pri-Care physician discourages any supplement extremes and encourages her geratric patients to, "Just eat a balanced diet of 'real' food."  She touts a generous amount of dietary fiber to discourage Colon Cancer.

    Lubewise... I checked, "Other."   At home I prefer a thin base coat of Vaseline or Crisco on the Aneros and my sphincters, then insert a Shea Butter slug (see @Twlltin's or @Xochipilli's posts on Shea Butter suppositories.)

    On travel, I use Vaseline or Crisco as a base lube and inject a few ml of Slippery Stuff Gel.

    I alternate between Crisco and Vaseline for my base lube.  I prefer Vaseline but Crisco seems less gassy.
  • astrolglide,
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Dunno, tried olive, almond, soy, and coconut oil. 3 diff waterbased lubes and vaseline. Not really satisfied by any of the regulars..
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 732
    Really not my favorite subject. But a bump was requested from the chat. So here it is.
  • awired50awired50
    Posts: 139
    I like a light coat of Vaseline with a coating of Coconut oil.
  • enigmaenigma
    Posts: 90
    I am happy using Maximus water based lube
  • didymusdidymus
    Posts: 99
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 756
    My favorites have been Slippery Stuff Gel, and Passion Natural Water-Based Lube; on my Aneros, I've found Vaseline and Un-petroleum Jelly to work quite well.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Interesting to note that shea butter seems to be leading the pack and, after all the previous threads on this subject, more respondents aren't commenting about it.

    To me, shea butter is a no brainer!
  • mackmack
    Posts: 35
    Pommie...I agree with you on the Shea Butter,it works great for me and I am the kind off guy if it works good leave it alone.
  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 255
    (I've posted abt this before) After beginning my journey with a combination of A&D (basically Vaseline and lanolin) I've switched mostly to Shea butter put into a 10cc syringe whose tip has been sawed off then made smooth in a gas flame (carefully just enough to round the edges). A few drops or so of olive oil added in. Insert way in. Then il coat the device with a little Shea butter and olive oil and go to town. WWFY. (THE A&D is still a good a cheaper alternative but a bit greasy and has a smell)
  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 192
    Xileh said:

    Boy Butter H2O. It contains Shea Butter. It's not expensive, lasts and doesn't stain. No weird reactions. I think you could butter your toast with it.

    I hate the name.


    So where can u get it. I just want one thing that I can squirt inside and coat the model with.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 756
    Slippery Stuff Gel; it's super thick, super slippery, and super long-lasting. And it's anal-safe.

    Probably the best water-based lube out there.
  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 192
    Badger said:

    Slippery Stuff Gel; it's super thick, super slippery, and super long-lasting. And it's anal-safe.

    Probably the best water-based lube out there.

    Must find!!!
  • I've had great results with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, both individually and combined. I found a great method for pre-lubing that's worked well for me; I melt a small bowl of Shea Butter/Coconut Oil then use a small syringe to load the liquified substances into a small ice cube tray. The cube shapes are rather not cubes at all - more like bell shaped (round on the top and flat on the bottom). A good shape for insertion. The trays are great because they have rubber bottoms to each cube so you can push them out individually. 

    Once they're frozen just pop one out and insert one (they're about 2tsp each), apply a decent amount of Petroleum Jelly to the aneros and slide it in. 

    I buy the Shea Butter from strangely enough. It comes in a sealed package. I can get 1lb for roughly $15 - a much better deal than 1/4 of that amount for double the price at my local natural foods store. Its completely unrefined as well. 
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Now Foods/Solutions 100% unrefined Shea butter. I've used it for years now in my Aneros adventures and solo dildoing play.

    @didymus - You should try 100% unrefined shea butter. It's completely natural and there is no leakage problems as it is like a light grease in viscosity at body temperature.

    @mimac - If you don't refrigerate your shea butter, yes it is messy to try and get in you. Keep it good and solid in the refrigerator and it is very easy to scoop out some small chunks with a spoon for immediate insertion and spreading on the device.

    @Xileh - I know that Boy Butter is popular in the gay community, and in some of the pegging community for anal lube. A few things you should be aware of though. While it performs well, it's not the healthiest stuff to be putting in your bum. The H2O variant has two parabens, glycerin, food coloring, preservatives, vitamin E, and other chemicals. The regular Boy Butter is a bit better with it using partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, glycerin, and a few other chemicals. Oddly enough, I could not find the ingredients on Boy Butters web site. Very strange and somewhat ominous considering what's in it.

    Ingredient source 1

    Ingredient source 2
  • I brought my euph syn to the beach today but forget the lube. I did have "No-Bite-Me" deet free insect repellent. So I thought what the hell, I'm desperate. It's vegetable oil, bees wax, and essential oils. So I tested it with a finger and it didn't sting. I slathered it on the eupho and rode on my stomach listening to alpha binaural beats. Aside from a little extra coolness and warmth, it was a excellent ride.

    Kids, don't do this at home :-D (unless it's a emergency)

    BTW the beach is a excellent place to ride.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 756
    @newguy8 I generally get it on Amazon; it was under $20 del'vd for a 16 oz pumper.

  •      I use Slippery Stuff Gel as well. Half dried one is the best water based lube for me.  The drying is simple. Put some Slippery Stuff into a glass bowl and heat it over very hot water. I usually heat 20 to 30 minutes to be volume 1/2 to 1/3.
  • @Love_is
    Thank you, once again, for spreading the good word about any toy, lube, etc that may be unsafe. Keep fighting the good fight. Knowledge is power, and forewarned is forearmed.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @Pspotsquirter - Thank you. It's really up to each person what they want to use. But it never hurts to give them the knowledge to make a more informed choice.
  • I've used Silquid Sassy type for the last year now and had great results. It is kind of expensive but doesn't have the chemicals and stuff the other brands do. I had to do a lot of research since I'm chemical sensitive and Sassy fit the list being water-based without the glycerin, parabens or other nasty stuff that some have in them.
  • JaxsunJaxsun
    Posts: 100
    I use Sliquid Sassy too...for the same reasons RomWriter describes. I like its thickness and lasts a good 2 hours without the need to relube. Also works great in a lube shooter. Seems like it's the safest of the water based lubes.
  • AndyAndy
    Posts: 34
    Anyone heard of NuruGel from Japan? It goes by the name NuruX in the US I think.
    It`s a highly slippery lube that is made for body to body massages, but I don`t know the complete list of ingredients so I`m kind of unsure if it`s safe for anal play.
    Me and the wife (me, mosly) use it for masturbation/massage and it`s heaven in a bottle.
    Insanely slippery.

    Edit: About "Shea Butter", could someone post a link to that?
    Is it the same as BodyShop sells or is that with some added perfume or something?
  • I don't have an exact recipe but I use a combination of shea butter, casteroil, and bees wax.I  mix up about a pint of this.Heavy on the butter and light on the oil and the wax.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @RomWriter @Jaxsun - Sliquid is a great choice for natural ingredient, glycerin and pararben free water based lube. There are other brands out there that are also natural, it's just that Sliquid seems to be the most well marketed and distributed. Some others I can think of off the top of my head, Yes, and Firefly Organics. But I know there are more than this.

    @Andy - Yes, there have been discussions here in this forum before about nurugel. But I don't think it was discussed as a possible anal lube. The main ingredient I've found in it is mostly nuri seaweed which is edible. You see it in those sheets of green seaweed used in sushi rolls. And then some companies opt to add some other ingredients. The way I'd choose to decide if it was safe for anal lube is if it could be safely eaten. I think that would depend on what other ingredients are in yours.

    Here is the brand shea butter I use and love:

    No, I would not use what is at The Body Shop. Go to your local health food store and look in the skin care aisle, or buy it online.  What you are looking for is 100% unrefined shea butter that is pale yellow in color and does not have any other ingredients or scents added to it. This is really important, as there are other brands out there that advertise as being natural like Alaffia brand, which I tried. It is a dark tan to light brown in color, it looks and smells completely different than the Now Foods brand that is pale yellow. It has a strong smell with a chemically tinge to it, where as the Now Foods brand has a very light natural smell. And the two times I tried it for anal lube it burned my insides like you would not believe! I threw it out after that. But what I noticed recently is that my health food store has started carrying another brand of shea butter that has that same color as the Alaffia brand. So out of curiosity I opened the tester to give it a smell, and it has that same strong nasty smell as the Alaffia brand. I can almost guarantee this would not pass the test for safe anal lube. What I think is happening is those brands are using chemical extraction via solvents rather than the traditional methods and falsely labeling it as unrefined and natural. And there is obviously some of the solvent left over in the shea butter. Terribly bad for you no matter how you use it. So be careful with what kind of unrefined shea butter you buy, as not all companies are honest about what they sell.

    And here is the official shea butter thread in the forums:
  • I'll second Love_is's choice of Shea Butter from Now Foods