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Webtease and Aneros
  • vitessevitesse
    Posts: 9
    Don't know if many know this web site, but I frequently use the webtease platform from Milovana community web site. (it's easy to found them with google).

    I wonder if some experienced user could write tease that could help beginner to use Aneros. I understand its probably different for everyone, but a core instruction could help many users.

    It would be easier if we don't have to concentrate on what is needed to do and for how many minutes... just relax and fallow the onscreen instruction. This webtease platform is probably the easiest way to do such thing, event if the main goal is not for that.

    This is a good idea? Anyone willing to do it or explore the possibility? I still don't have successfully got a super O or anything like that, So I'm not the best one to try to make it.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,179
    might be a good idea for beginners.  Might be really good for those who follow breathing/contraction method.  Having on screen instructions of when to breath and contract.  I think the flash version might be better though as clicking on the screen could be a bit too distracting.