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My first Aneros-less Hands Free Experience and a unique dream....
  • using the techniques of being multi orgasmic with using an Aneros (i use the SGX for at least a couple years now),  well without using an Aneros, and just using deep relaxation, visualization and breathing techinque I was able to bring about P-Waves, erection and even mini orgasms that built into a full body orgasm and dry-cumming all hands free. and not even using nipple stimulation..  it was wild.
    Then early last morning I had an erotic dream and experienced a real body shivering orgasm that slightly woke me up as well. It was pretty awesome.   See I'm bigender and in the dream my female side was manifested as a seperate person and was erotically spanking my butt and then massaging it bringing me to non-ejacalatory, shivering orgasm...  These two experiences are milestones for me. Just thought I'd share.
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 205
    sometimes I can focus my PC muscle flexing and my prostate responds intensely without any toys or penile stimulation.  I've always wanted to try to do a hands free, aneros/toy free, penis touching free session and see if I can cum that way.  You give me hope to try!  thanks for sharing, sounds amazing :)
  • exodusexodus
    Posts: 51
    I can have a dry-O without any stimulation at all. Just by focusing and sending energy to the lower part of my body I can have a 'mind orgasm'. Which isn't so weird at all because as anyone knows: the brain is the biggest/most important sex organ. I had this ability even before aneros. Sometimes it feels even better than a dry-O though, much more like the perfect orgasm you would get in a wet dream. :)
  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 255
    A-less pleasure is something I shall be trying to work on.  Thanks for the encouragement, all.  I would be interested in your techniques of "focusing energy".  So far, using PC and BC muscles has occasionally given me a vague pleasureable feeling,  I actually had one of these six miles up on a long transatlantic flight, but "unfortunately" I fell asleep.  I guess I was also a bit wary of letting myself go, being surrounded as I was by other passengers.  It was kind of neat, though.  Anyone else in the six mile high club?
  • it's been months and I have not had another vivid dream where I've had an orgasm while in a dream-state.. :(