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Newb with questions
  • VonTrappVonTrapp
    Posts: 11
    Background: 30's hetero male with some previous anal experinece from buttplugs and anal beads.
    Purchased a helix classic last week and have used it Saturday, Monday and Wednesday of this week. Each time has taught me a little more about me and the device. Using coconut oil as lube. I have started each session on my side with some deep breathing coupled with voluntary contractions. This has had really no result, no feelings of anything. I've tried switching to on my back with a pillow under my back, legs straight and bent and have gotten some little tinglings but nothing exciting. I discovered in session 1 that on all fours and kneeling can give me some really intense sensations. I say sensations because I don't know what category they fall in (p-waves, mini-os, something else, I need to reread the glossary). In session 2 I added a laundry basket to sort of drape my self over (hey, it was in the room). That ratcheted up the sensations significantly. I repeated that again in session 3 and it was an amazing feeling, started to feel like things happening on their own after a little nudge from me. Some questions from me.

    1. I would like to be able to produce the feelings I get on my knees while on my side or back. Would a different model accomplish that? Maybe an MGX? Anyone else had success transitioning from all fours to something else?

    2. I realize I'm very early in this process. All 3 sessions have ended with me masturbating to orgasm with the helix still in. I cant dedicate 3-4 hours to a session, life is too busy for that so I need things to "come to a close" in about 60-90 minutes. If I finish this way should I remove the helix first?

    Thanks in advance.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 923
    You are doing very well in THREE sessions. wow. I think just play and get used to it try difference positions enjoy all the experiences. You are ahead of me already in one week against my two years! Enjoy
  • bsmith14bsmith14
    Posts: 35
    Its good that you are experimenting with different positions but don't keep changing to often.

    One piece of advice that many members will give you is to NOT finish with masturbating to a wet orgasm at the end. In fact, don't even touch the penis at all during your sessions.  Just spend your 60-90 minutes in deep relaxation, try some contractions and deep breathing. When your time is up just end the session.

    The reason this is a recommended approach is that we do not want to associate penis pleasure/orgasm with prostate pleasure/orgasm. These are different and it just confuses your body/mind if you include penis play with prostate stimulation. You want to isolate the pleasure aneros provides to the prostate only. If you want to masturbate, wait at least an hour after you remove the aneros to do it.

  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 244
    Firstly Welcome to Aneros and congratulations on the little success that you have had thus far. The journey effects us al so differentkly. As a gay male i think that me experiencing anal play beforehand has giving me the leg up. But for others it may take longer. 

    I understand that you can not delegate numorus of time to a session which is fine. The fact that you are letting go and letting the toy do it's thing is perfectly fine. Do not rush it. Thats the hardest step. There are a few post and blogs on techniques to free the mind of noise so that it is just you and the toy. So look into that. But again congrats and have fun.