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selling off modified eupho and
  • Hi, I'm selling my modified eupho and maximus  .P tabs on them have been removed, but there is Plenty of 'stub' left so there is NO danger of the unit entering your rectum. These are great for riding while sitting. Movement is increased with P tab removed, but I am finding that I like the feel of the P tab now, so I have replaced with models which have their P tabs intact. Selling cheap. PM me if you're interested. Chuck..
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I guess you have learned a valuable lesson!
    Why you would remove the P-tabs I cannot imagine.
    Don't mess around with them unless you know what you are doing.
    Good Luck!
  • I dont know that I would call this a lesson, so  much as I might say an experimentation. A few years ago, there was a member, Ohmy06, that I chatted with frequently here. He had experimented with an MGX, modifying it  by removing the P tab. The increase in mobility he found from this served in a couple ways. One, he noticed that he was able to sit on the model without any issues at all. He had effectively made it into a form of a large Peridise model. Second, he noticed that the sensations from the modified aneros were more such as you might get from a 'Eupho', in that the aneros 'danced' around the prostate, teasing and gently rubbing instead of the higher pressure of models which had their P tab intact. As he had instructed, I was to leave plenty of 'stem' material too, so that the direction of the aneros was kept oriented as well as providing a safety 'stub' at the bottom so the unit would not enter the rectum in it's entirety . The reason I decided to offer these, was basically to allow either newbies or veterans a chance to try them out and see the different sensations that were 'out there' from an aneros. I still have 2 models with P tabs intact, as well as the Tempo. If anyone is interested, send me a message via the Inbox on the forum area........Thanks ! Chuck
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    IMHO, removing the P-tab seems to be entirely counter-intuitive. It would completely destroy the ability of the tool to do the job it is supposed to do, which is to provide a fulcrum about which the tool can rotate to provide the necessary pressure to the prostate. That is how a prostate massager is supposed to work.

    The reason why models such as the Peridise and Tempo are not considered to be prostate massagers is precisely because they lack the lever to provide that pressure.

    Sorry chum, but I still see no reason why I should consider buying a Eupho or a Maximus sans their P-tabs!

    My guess is that the two models you have that retain their P-tabs are still doing the job of massaging your prostate and that the Tempo is providing the pleasure you are looking for from general rectal stimulation.

    My advice would be to write off your mutilated models to experience and move on!
  • isvaraisvara
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    Off topic, removed