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Lower Back Erogenous Zone
  • vandelayvandelay
    Posts: 17
    Has anyone else found that they have an erogenous zone at the base of the middle of their back right where the butt cheeks start? I first noticed twitching of muscles in my lower back early on in my Aneros journey. This was fairly light twitching that often happened in conjunction with me moving the MGX, Helix, Peridise, etc. around intentionally. This was common enough during sessions that it finally made me curious enough this evening. I reached back in that area and had a pleasurable sensation where I mentioned above. It doesn't transfer to p-waves like the nipples do, but it feels pretty good right at that location. The area's probably no larger than a quarter and subtle contact produces more pleasure than strong contact. Could this be associated with Kundalini in yoga? My knowledge of yoga is pretty limited.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 784
    Oh's one of my favorite places to rub when showering! It maintains a very pleasant feeling all the time!

  • I think you are absolutely correct. All the nerves are in the spine. I have heard the point you mention "the seat [source] of sexuality." Another super erotic place for me is the breast bone. There is a gland under there (I forget the name.) A member on here who has a site for folks who are into nipple orgasms, who told me that spot is erogenous for him, too.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Yep, i feel it there too. One time a co-worker touched me there and it wouldn't stop tingling for hours on end. I claimed to her that she inadvertently activated my root chakra as she is a witch. However, it was just  joke on my part and I was and still am undecided on the whole chakra/kundalini buzz.

  • It is my understanding that the Chakras are in our front side, the lowest one being just above the base of the penis, which is a hot spot for me. The belly button is the one. The one I mentioned earlier, at my breast bone or sternum, is one I think. Another is between the lower lip and chin. The "third eye" is at the bottom of the forehead, just a bit higher than the eyes. I've only heard of Kundalini. Would have to google it.