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On Flowmax and using Aneros - Questions
  • Went on Flowmax about 6 months ago improve urine flow at night, was getting up 3-4 times per night, now it is 1x per night. Since beginning Flowmax, when masturbating, many times I will come but no semen comes out and other times it will flow, this is a side effect of Flowmax.

    Am in my 3rd week with helix Syn and got progasm ice about a week ago, I have sessions either daily or every other day and alternate sessions between helix and progasm. No mini or super O's, only getting some nice body tingles and slight involuntary body movements.

    Anyone else on flomax for BPH and are you able to get to an O? I am sure I need to give it more time, it has greatly improved my sex drive.
    Would like to hear from Aneros users who are also on flomax or generic equivalent.
  • nenasnenas
    Posts: 38
    I was on Flowmax but later had a TURP (look it up its reaming out the prostate).

    I can still super O.

    When you have a cataract procedure tell the DR. that you are on Flowmax.

    You get a floppy iris and the DR. will prepare for it.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 382
    Retrograde ejaculation as you describe it, is one of the known side effects of FloMax. I also had many other side effects such as mood changes, very sore muscles, back pain, and changes in eyesight. I don't think it impacted Super O's. I do think I was able to get a better erection, but the other problems were too much for me.

    I tapered off of it and switched to Uroxatral every other day. So far, I'm having good results and no side effects.

    It sounds like you are making progress with your Aneros. You may find that it will help with your BPH symptoms. Good luck!

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 918
    I have managed with Saw Palmetto to take the BHP wee discomfort away. I have found continued use of an Aneros ( including the Ice) has improved the flow. For 5 weeks due to a herniated disk I stopped my Aneros sessions and I found my flow had decreased. I have also found sitting down on comfy chairs also constricts the flow. So my sciatic pain has gone and I am back on my Aneros' , I don't sit too long and I use a crosstrainer and treadmill most days. All seems good.
    I often leave the smaller ones in all night. I get nice tingles but my real aim was to get my Ej back on track, reduce orgasmic stress, and get my prostate more relaxed to ease the wee. As I feel my P enlarge when aroused I also guess it contracts so it must be more elastic than it was. PSA very low and my T above average. Largely dependent on Viagra (1/8 of 100mg tab works quite well)
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,740
    Story and situation very much like @isvara's.   

    -- alfa blockers:  I've been on these (Hytrin, Cardura, Flowmax and recently Uroxatral) for about 12 years.  My main difficulty is finding one that doesn't send my blood pressure down to the basement.   (70/48 is my record and I've wound up on the floor enough times to be very careful in how and when I dose with an alfa blocker).   When I settle into a good schedule of Aneros use I can get good results from a minimum dose of alfa-blocker every other day with one 'get-up-to-pee' at night.  I've found that timing is important--before sleep is best with either Flowmax or Hytrin.   My Viagra dose is higher than @isvara's...1/2 tab every third day seems to provide good morning wood and 'relaxed engorgement' of my prostate and penis bulb during an Aneros session.   To ensure endurance for sex I usually employ Trimix (same idea as Caverject but without the high pricetag.)  My Uro is happy with this routine, including the Aneros, since, " it supports good penis health and a low PSA."

    -- Free ejaculation:   Long ago I found I was retaining semen when I masturbated to a wet-O with a Helix inserted.  My prostate is about 55 grams (Uro's estimate) and a Helix or larger compresses it sufficiently to block semen.  However, I don't go 'retrograde' as I'll dump the load when I pull out the tool.  I'm OK with smaller toys like SGX or Peridise and can occasionally get away with an MGX if I'm well cleaned out and well lubed.  For BPH therapy I usually pull out the Aneros before the final edging trip into a Super-T. 

    Good news is that my prostate bulk has been very steady at 50-55 grams for almost six years and my PSA varies up or down no more than 10% each year.   So, Aneros works as advertised !

    Am also fortunate in that I've had few back issues and have dodged most of the common Urinary maladies.