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My brain wants to go but my body can´t follow
  • hakuna1hakuna1
    Posts: 24
    Hey guys!
    This is my first post and I´m not a native speaker, so please be forgiving concerning my language.

    I own the Aneros Helix and Progasm, which I use now for 2 years, although I used them more like a ´masturbation boost´ because I hadn´t the patience/ was too frustrated at the beginning to explore the possibilities. 
    BUT this changed in the last weeks. Now i use them at least three times a week and it´s really fun. I had no Super O yet, but I think I managed to have a very long, penile dry O which lastet for about 2 minutes. (I had the Progasm inserted and while watching porn and touching my penis, I felt the Progasm´s tip stroking my Prostate with every thrust of my pelvis. It was like staying at the point of no return - I now understand the difference between ejaculation and orgasm. There´s a review about the Aneros in my language i read some days ago, and this person describes the feeling as long lasting "almost orgasms". I think it´s because he expects the ejaculatory feeling but indeed he already has orgasms, did i get that right? What do you think?)

    I do also experienced my nipples becoming very sensitive and in general I´m much more focused on the sexuality in my head. Im 21 and this shouldn´t be a problem anyway, I recognized my errections are even harder than before. I also get errections just from thinking about sex. Normally I would have to touch my penis at least a bit.

    The technique:
    I usually use the Helix, when I´m about to get serious, because the Progasm seems to be more like an enhancing masturbation tool as you can read above. I think it might work for me once i´m sucsessfully rewired. But as long as I´m experimenting I thought I might prefer the higher mobility rate of the Helix. Nevertheless I ordered the SGX I´m now waiting for, because I searched for my prostate with my fingers last week and I think, it´s located a bit too close to my anus for the helix, so the SGX might hit the spot better.

    I usually lie down on my back, with knees bend, and try to relax. Sometimes in a dark room (mind the gap ;) ), sometimes I´m in the mood to just lie down while my room is lighted by the sun shining through the windows .. it simply depends. I also have to admit: I like preparing for sessions: taking a shower, inserting lube with a modified syringe and listening to Kelly Howell or stuff like that, but I also got some times I just come into my room, want to ride it and then I just slip it in and lie down. This may sound pretty unromantic, but I feel like it´s not preventing me from having new experience. I think, it´s all about the mood and when you feel ready to go, you can go. I am very interested in your opinion towards that!

    Now I´ve told you a bit about my experience so far, I want to explain my problem to you:
    I told you that I felt a shifting of my sexual focus. Indeed I am still very impressed by my brain. Since I use the Aneros, arousal feels so different than i knew before.. When I´m into foreplay with my girlfriend, I get very hot, even though she avoids touching my penis and I´m enjoying sexual feelings on a new level, a mental level I didn´t knew before - at least not to this degree.
    Now we´re just one step away from the problem:
    I am working on involuntary contractions and I can pretty much identify the different pelvic muscles. So in my sessions I maintain some light contractions and soon I feel the aneros move by itself. I managed to have some P-waves there and then, but they´re veeeeeery subtle and it feels more like this wave, running through your body when your girl slips out of her pants .. do you now what I mean? Like this arousing wave originating from your stomach and belly..
    Well, now imagine I´m lying there, room is dark or not, I got some contractions going on, I´m relaxed due to some pot and there are some very very... VERY tiny butterflies in my abdomen. ... Maybe it´s just one tiny baby-butterfly, but there is at least something.

    And here comes my problem:
    I said I recognized my nipples becoming much more sensitive in the last weeks. Now when I´m lying there and I caress my nipples... well, there I go!! Mentally...
    In fact, once I start touching my nipples, this amplifies my mental arousal by a factor of 100! I start to feel like i want to explode! My girlfriend recently caressed my nipples when i had a session. I was so darn aroused! I asked her to hurt me a bit, because I felt that way, although I´ve never been into BDSM or something like this at all. She started to bite my nipples, more and more until it really hurt! But on the other hand, I was soooo aroused, I wanted to explode so much, I was screaming from arousal and my body streched every muscle in me... 
    BUT :


    And thats my problem. Even when I´m feeling good and no pain is involved (the biting thing never happened before, the amplified arousal indeed did happen more often), my brain feels like it´s already at a climax but still goes up, up, up... while my body´s just watching. Sending no amplified pleasure waves, no tingling, no tickling.. just this one litte tiny butterfly, nothing more.

    I hope you could follow my text. I am very thankful for every little post, and if you, my dearest reader, just read this whole text, let me also thank you for your time in first place. I do appreciate that, so

    have a nice time and take it easy
    hakuna matata