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Sex positive podcasts, what do you listen to?
  • GoodVibGoodVib
    Posts: 28
    I've heard aneros mentioned on a variety of sex positive podcasts, sex out loud, sex nerd Sandra, Ruby Ryder's Pegging Paradise, Life on this Swingset. I'm interested in new podcasts to add to my lists, what have you guys found to listen to, of a sex positive nature?
  • VizslaVizsla
    Posts: 1

    I really like Ruby. I also listen to Dan Savage -
  • GoodVibGoodVib
    Posts: 28
    Tristin Taormino, Sex out Loud, has aneros and Evi ads now. and she interviews lots of interesting guests.
    Life on the Swingset, just did a pegging workshop. "Take it like a Man"
    All of these podcasts have thousands of listeners and the power to get the word out. So many changes in the works, These are interesting times.