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Strange Spasms
  • A few months back, I bought an Aneros Helix and while it was an eye-opener as far as wonderfully new sensations went, I haven't, as yet, reached that magic super O a lot of people talk about. And if I don't find where I hid the nasty little thing, I probably won't either! However, lately, I've been experiencing these strange pelvic spasms that may or may not have something to do with using the Aneros toy.

    Sometimes, usually when I'm laying in bed reading, I have these quite violent muscle spasms in the lower half of my body. They seems to be sudden contractions of my abdominal muscles, but instead of being concentrated in the "sit-up" muscles, they seem to be concentrated in my lower stomach and cause me to make an involuntary pelvic thrust. Usually at the same time, my pussy will contract and relax in time with the spasms. For the most part, I have absolutely no warning that it's about to happen and even more puzzling is the little feminine sighs and moans that come out of me whenever it happens. I think a lot of the sighing and moaning might be because it feels so good! Whenever it happens, I get a feeling deep inside of me that is so pleasant and horny that I think if I could just master how it works, I would certainly orgasm from it.

    While all this is going on I thrash around on the bed and sometimes find myself in some rather lewd positions, usually offering my pussy up to some imaginary cock or going through the motions of sucking a cock that isn't there. About the only thing I do that isn't involuntary is to lightly stroke the outer edge of my pussy and when I do, it tingles in a fashion that is so intense, I can barely stand it.

    Has anyone ever heard of such a thing before, or, even better, actually experience something like that for themselves?
  • @Bernadettte --- Your references to your pussy and feminine sighs and moans suggest you are female or FTM, MTF or Transgendered, which doesn't matter to me in the least, except for anyone else who might try to provide you with assistance, the interchange of terms will be confusing to some! So, do you have a prostate?

    Yes, those contractions were, and still are, a quite common part of my, now one year long, journey! I absolutely enjoy those sudden surprise events!

    You can orgasm from those feelings with practice and patience, and those are some of the absolute BEST orgasms you'll ever experience!

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,009
    @Bernadettte, hi, it's is great that you have posted in this forum.
    What you have written suggests it would be good to rethink your angle on your experience. But first, the Helix has been designed for a male. I am not sure why you got it or how you have used it. It would suggest it has stimulated your she-spot but from which place? I would try to see the lost Helix as a positive and brilliantly designed aid to liberation.
    The lower pelvic spasms are not uncommon especially in emotional situations. Now it would be good to see your movements as positive wholesome and a normal response to stimulation..
    Often our awakening happens in fits and starts, but usually in time we sort our patterns and experiences and move on to more experiences. There is no judgement only I think by clarifying some of your points may be hugely helpful.
    I am flying blind with this as I think you are female.
    Thank you for posting
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I too would very much like to know the context in which you used this device and what your expectations were.

    I trust that you do realise that the Aneros Helix was developed and designed specifically to massage the prostate of the male. Please, tell us more!
  • vandelayvandelay
    Posts: 17
    @Bernadette What are your past experiences with anal play, if any? This might shed light on this unexpected experience you're relating. I think you've piqued our interests seeing as female use of the Helix, etc. isn't par for the course.
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 205
    It should, however, stimulate the G-spot quite exquisitely!!!  I used both the MGX and Progasm on my wife and she came like a champ!  She said they felt different than normal G-spot stimulators/dildos/vibes, and she kind of liked the Aneros better in that regard.  I also put the MGX in her ass and played with her pussy and clit and it went in and out like it does for a man; she said when I rubbed her clit only and stayed out of her cooch that her vaginal and anal contractions, from the stimulation, were involuntary (much like female orgasmic anal/vaginal contractions are) and they made the Aneros slide and provide pressure on her G-spot, even though it was in her ass.  (Some lucky women can have vaginal orgasms from anal sex alone, with no vag/clit stimulation at all).  The P-tab rested nicely in her vaginal opening, and stimulated her urethral bulb a good bit...made her squirt a little.  When aneros was in her pussy, the p-tab sat to the side of her clit, not providing much stimulation.  But I moved it manually too, and would rotate it slightly so that the tab slid back and forth across her clit and clitoral shaft, she really liked that a lot :)

    So, while not designed for female use, it is extremely effective as a G-spot stimulator ;)