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strange things
  • Alright guys 2 part question here

    1. I tried one of my aneros out for the first time on sunday it's a keeper lol, so I decided it might be fun to insert and Take a nap so did. Wonderful dreams anyway when I woke up I was cold and wet I don't think it was piss it didn't smell it might have been pre cum. Any ideas what the wetness might have been?

    2. Also on another note is it possible that the larger toys can more quickly awaken the prostate? Because at the moment helix syn is doing a number on me. Thanks in advance for all the help.
  • On a side note have you ever made love to a pizza?
  • I have a lot of precum when I wake up with a aneros in. it's a nice feeling. you're probably getting a prostate massage while sleeping but it doesn't wake you. A sign of progress IMO. the larger devices may be a better fit for your tremendous body!
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    @djblacknight HOLY SH*T! :)) I think I’ll have what he's having. Pizza is good after-all, but is it good in bed?
    I think the liquids may be pre-cum as I have noted occasional dry white spots on my thigh even though there was no wet dream, wet dreams tend to wake me when I have them.