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suggestion for new model
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    lve been thinking for a while about suggesting a modification, my thoughts revolve around a similar idea to stress balls. that is to say inside they have a some type of ball bearing of some type.

    the idea revolved around the possibility of having some type of ball embedded in a bubble inside the head which a ball inside so that when contractions and movement happen the ball inside moves about the bubble offering extra movement as it rolls around the enclosed bubble. ld suggest it would be something that offers something that provides a little weight maybe metal. lve seen love balls that had something similar that allowed something inside to roll around. my theory is it would allow extra sensations. just wondered what others thoughts on this idea were and if it were possible.
  • Hi @Auroken,

    Your suggestion for a new model sounds very intriguing, even hot! ;) Can you tell us if your proposal for ball-bearings in the Aneros would work better in larger models such as Maximus or Progasm series?

  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    imho it would work better with the larger models as there is more area to play with, such as the ridges on the progasm and the head area of the maximus and the progasm, it would mean a more weightier ball could be inserted in a circular space in order to give internal movement. and theoretically when contractions started it would move the ball around maybe giving a tapping and or stirring sensation as the ball moved around.

    the idea sort of came about when l came across an email from the store l generally get my new aneros models from, it mentioned something about a rabbit vibrator with anal stimulation and the beads in some models got me thinking about how the sensation of an aneros could be improved without the need of batteries. granted l think it would be interesting to have some sort of anal controlled beads moving around the aneros but l dont think there would be a way to do that without batteries so the idea of focusing on some way of increasing sensations by adding some way to increase possible sensations without batteries seemed like an interesting prospect.

    after all lve read random facts about vibrations decreasing sensations after a while, but what if the vibrations werent caused by a motor? what if they were caused by something like a ball bearing bouncing or rolling around an enclosed area within the shaft or head which was completely controlled by the person using the aneros rather than a powerful motor which after a while will desensitise the area?
  • gregorgregor
    Posts: 28
    I've been suggesting this in every "new model" thread that has been posted for the last month (there have been about three of them).  Don't you guys read?? Sheesh.  But anyway. . .

    A weighted ball that can bounce around inside, that would respond to subtle movements, including walking and thrusting - what could be better?  Please, please, please, consider developing this!!

    Note that such products *do* exist for men: Power balls and Geisha plug, but they're plagued by quality issues. Aneros could clean up in this part of the market by doing it right!

  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    thinking about it, does this modification have to be on the inside? wouldnt the same feelings be achieved if this area were at the base? it wouldnt be so hard to try if l had something that could be affixed to the base of any of my models to see how interesting it feels however l lack certain items to try it XD