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A bit strange but exciting.
  • TickleTickle
    Posts: 31
    Last night I thought I'd try something a bit different, I wanted to try things in a more relaxed state of mind so I had no distractions going on whatsoever, just tried to get as relaxed in mind and body as I could. After insertion of the Aneros I laid back on my back, head on the pillow and just tried to be aware of any sensations that might be happening. There were slight involuntary contractions going after around 5 minutes say but really slow and felt quite nice so I just zoned in on them with no intervention on my part. For say the next 5 - 10 minutes I kind of entered a state where I was maybe in between falling asleep and being awake, very relaxed but still maybe conscious enough to be aware of what was happening, a drowsy state would maybe be a better description. Anyway I kind of felt I might fall asleep so I snapped myself out of it and to get a bit more awake I kind of felt myself all over ignoring the obvious parts to avoid any bad accidents haha! in other words I maybe got fairly sexually excited by the sensations from doing this which I did for maybe a couple of minutes. I then decided I would lay back as before with my head on the pillow and try to relax again as much as possible as I didn't want to control the session too much, but this time instead of my legs being bent at the knees I stretched them out, say two feet apart. after maybe 2 minutes of laying there, maybe less this vibration thing started, wasn't like a wave of such as I've heard described but more like a vibe at a low level, very constant and nothing like I'd experienced before in any shape or form. The first thoughts that hit me were 'this is something, something is happening' and I just tried to stay with it, it was hard to figure where the vibe was coming from, it could have been all over or could have been in a certain place but I wasn't sure. But after say two minutes it was gone, i stayed relaxed after that just laying there for maybe a good hour or so where I had some nice slow involuntaries but nothing else happened. So I just wondered if anyone had experienced this kind of vibration that didn't seem to grow into anything and then just stop but it was quite exciting but I though it might have led onto something more substantial but I'm still glad that something seems to have clicked somewhere at last after over a year since starting. Thanks for reading.
  • yeah, i love these kind of vibrations, they can be in one part of your body but can be your whole body too... slow revolutions through to really fast, infact can be big or small revolutions resulting in an orgasm (that would probably be different from any you've experienced before.) i've read before the term 'dolphin orgasm' as in your hole being doing massive vibrating, probably from the idea of the vibration starting slow but big, then speeding up and vibrating at harmonious pitches just like a tuning fork, truly sublime :) great stuff Tickle!
  • Sounds almost exactly like the first, teasing, tantalizing sensations I had several months after getting started. You're on the right track. Something that worked for me at this stage was (and still is) to swing my legs over the side of the bed, placing my butt just over the edge with my feet squarely on the floor and doing...absolutely nothing. The spontaneous subtle clonic ( in and out) motion of the aneros device will begin. I sort of mentally imagine the slow smooth motion and that seems to encourage it. After giving that several minutes ( or as long as you can be in that position without having to tense your muscles) you can return to the bed and watch what happens. I like to keep my butt elevated on a doubled up pillow and spread the butt cheeks to facilitate free movement. Let me know if this is helpful. All the best!
  • TickleTickle
    Posts: 31
    Thanks Human Being and Armon-neat for some encouraging thoughts and ideas, I will experiment a little with the legs over the bed/feet on the floor approach and see what transpires, I do a lot of yoga so different positions are no problem, apart from balancing on my head, legs in the air while sucking Jack Daniels thru a straw while at the same time listening to Black Dog by LedZep played backwards at full volume (they call it the "Bloodrush a*se over t*t position" ), who says men can't do more than two things at once (LOL). 
    I did try to repeat the same episode again last night thinking that the same procedure that initially set it off or might have contributed to setting it off might have worked again but to no avail. I think I'll leave it for a few days to avoid getting too caught up in trying to instigate a repeat performance as I'm trying to let things happen as much as I can without any stimuli from my department but will maybe try your technique then Armon-neat. Thanks again.

  • @Armon-neat - Hey, genius! Yeah, you!! You owe me a new keyboard!!! I followed your suggestion. I laid at the end of my bed, top on and from butt down off, my feet keeping me still on the wall. I'd say what, three SO and light lower FBO's later I got up in a daze and JOed, wet mind you, on my frickin KEYBOARD!

    This is my "funny" (oh how I try) of thanking you AN... Craziest part? While I was about to bust I started getting a rectal PWave and umm yeah, things were THAT much better. Oh, and this was Aless. Not with anything inside. Suffice it to say, I'm REALLY curious as to what that will be like.

    My thanks, many many thanks... (Ironically my keyboard is busted anyway from a few days ago so I only need to disinfect it like three times for doing what I did as opposed to the ten if I was going to keep it... Yayyyy OCD!!!:)