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New user...first (and second) times were...underwhelming.
  • Just got my Helix Syn yesterday and used it twice, and gave each session 1-2 hours.  Tried the relaxing, tried the breathing, tried the contractions.  Nothing.  I didn't feel like it was pressing on the prostate at all.  I'm gay and typically a top, but I've bottomed and know the sensation, but I just wasn't getting it all from the Aneros.   I've been reading the forum extensively since I ordered it on Friday, and was excited to give it a shot, but was very disappointed.  I realize it can take a year or more to experience what some of you have, but I'm wondering if anyone started out with zero sensation from it and actually had it go somewhere.  Maybe I need a bigger model?  Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated!  I'm more than willing to give it many more shots, but the fact that it didn't do anything at all for me was discouraging for future prospects.
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    @cmk2877, its completely normal to not feel anything in the beginning.  One thing to remember is the aneros devices put very little pressure on your prostate, and work by having your muscles move involuntarily to massage the area.  This massaging will feel very slight, in fact most say the device only moves around 1/8".  I have no experience with anal sex but I would say that probably exerts much more pressure on your prostate depending on how you and your partner go about it, so I wouldnt really try to compare the two.  I would just give it some more time and see what develops.  You say that you know the sensation, tell me, have you had a prostate orgasm from anal sex, or just pleasureable feelings?
  • Thanks for the reply.  I tried to go into with an open mind, but like I said, I got zero sensation.  I was able to big contractions (voluntary) going, but just didn't feel much.  I will definitely keep at it, just looking for advice from others who didn't feel much at first and have progressed.
  • When I started, my first 3 or 4 sessions, I felt NOTHING. that wasn't my first prostate experience either, so its pretty similar.

    For me, the type of lube I used played the biggest part in my progress. I first tried water based lube, but found it really uncomfortable. When I switched to Vaseline and coconut oil, I quickly saw progress.
  • mdadmdad
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    The Aneros toys are pretty subtle in regards to prostate contact. Because they are subtle, the sensations are subtle and build slowly. I don't think it's a big deal to feel nothing your first couple of times. If I were you, I would concentrate on what you DO feel, whether it is just pressure, twitching, temperature, etc...

    The most important thing, however, is to not rush it. DON"T have expectations. Let your body do what it does when it wants to do it. If you are able to feel prostate pleasure from anal sex, then you know your prostate is capable and you don't have to worry about it eventually coming around. However, your prostate may be used to a certain type of stimulation, and the Aneros is certainly different. That will take practice, too.

    Good luck!
  • Building up some arousal before a session however you choose to is an option to get yourself in a place where your body might be more receptive. Also, the first few sessions I had I made a deliberate attempt to get to a point where I felt I could fall asleep if I wanted to. If more relaxation could help, then this might be a good thing to try.
    Keep at it and pay attention for anything your body/mind might be "saying". Something will click eventually even if it's not as soon as you'd like.
  • Trust me. You need to build up muscles. It is crucial.
  • During my very first sessions not only I didn't feel anything good but I got very weird sensations as it was my first anal experience. Good  sensations have come very progressively since this beginning. Progress started when I understood that I had to relax, focus on my inner subtile sensations and accept any tiny pleasurable feeling as it was without any expectation. Easier said than done, but month after month it worked.
    For me it was matter of improving relaxation, belly breathing, focus and arousal. Keep on.
  • Use these first months to practice Kegel type exercises, to try to isolate the BC muscles from the anal sphincter and to coordinate your breathing . Experiment with lube techniques to figure out what works for you. Try sleeping with the Aneros in. All these will get you thru the first months and then, one day, you'll have a subtle twinge of pleasure during a session. Then try to focus on how it happened and relax and soon you should be on the way to re-wiring. Does that sound like a plan. It worked for me. Wishing you success and satisfaction.