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Prostatectomy and Aneros.
  • Four months ago I had a prostatectomy which is healing quite well. Of the three things that are normally affected I can safely say that the cancer is under control, the incontinence is no more, but ED is the challenge. I had partial nerve sparing surgery and one of the rehabilitation options is to use products like Viagra to stimulate blood flow to the affected area to help with nocturnal erections and giving some "body" to a rather unresponsive dick at times. The problem is Viagra (and other PDE5is) are very expensive ($70 for 4 tablets), and don't appear to work.

    I thought I'll use one of my old Aneros stimulators to enhance blood flow. Now I do have a Helix, Eupho, MGX and Prograsm Ice model in my arsenal (except Maximus and SGX) . I've used all of them and in the past I've had one or two Big 'O' where I almost fainted and had an out of body experience. I'm digressing slightly, but the Big O just happened without any serious expectations. So you could say my body was re-wired! I wondered if the nerve damage due to the prostatectomy did not sever all the links.

    So today at 8am, I prepared my body for the re-entry of my fav Aneros - the Helix. I relaxed and started with small sphincter contractions before I inserted the Helix. I lubed up and inserted the Helix whilst standing up. Well, I almost fell to me knees as my legs buckled under the sensation. Now instead of doing contractions and waiting for a muscle quivers, I just listened to my body. And, over the next 90 minutes I had mini-Os some bounced me around on the bed; the others were just very strong sensations and I broke into a sweat!

    This all happened early in the morning and I felt horny for the remainder of the day. I had to relieve some pressure later in the afternoon around 5pm -- this time I had a dry-O with an erection thats about 65% without the help of PDE5is.

    My experience might be unusual but I feel very positive about the sensations and the erection later in the afternoon. I also think I'll save myself a heap of money not buying PDE5is (Viagra, Levitra and Cialis), which to date have not shown any significant effects.

    Even if my next experience does not produce the same results, I think the Aneros helped with blood flow to the area; it helped in awakening some of the nerves (isnt that what we want). I'll plan another session next week -- this time I plan to use my other fav -- the Eupho to tickle those nerve bundles!

    I'll keep you posted.
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  • @Artivel --- While dealing with cancer is never fun, I'm glad for you that it's under control! I'm also super pleased for you that your body's response to Aneros use sounds very positive! That's great news! I wish you continued health and Aneros success!

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 994
    @ARTIVEL, all that sounds very good.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    That's great to hear ARTIVEL and my prayers are with you for a continued and successful recovery.  I would tend to think that at four months of healing you're safe to gently try some of the smaller, more "tickling" type massagers like the Eupho which is my favorite also.  So glad you have the nice sensations still going on there after the nerve sparing surgery.

    Yes, the PDE-5's are expensive but you may wish to try a small dose of them occasionally and use your Aneros while they're on board.  I heard a member describe that once and I've tried it just for fun and the erection quality and the sensations you feel inside are incredible.  It may be just the thing to bring on a full erection just like old times for you that you could enjoy having.

    I certainly wish you the best and hope your recovery continues speedily and successfully.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 994
    @ARTIVEL, following @slimjm's post, FWIW, I found that 1/8 of 100 mg Viagra tablet was effective. Later I made that 1/6th. It is tricky to cut them correctly, I use a double sided cutters found in cable pliers. That would work out to the cost of a cheap cup of coffee! The remaining pieces of Viagra do not seem to be affected by being exposed to the atmosphere, though I keep them in an old 35mm film capsule.
  • Thank you all for your words of encouragement in this forum and some privately. One of the big money spinners in post prostatectomy recovery is PENILE REHABILITATION when you've had some nerve sparing surgery or non-surgical intervention.

    Because nerves that give you an erection are damaged and may take a while to recover, research shows that if your penis does not get sufficient blood flow and/or you don't have nocturnal erections -- you DICK is doomed.

    Blood Flow: To remedy the potential of permanent Erectile Dysfunction, one of the interventions requires 1/4 PDE5i (mostly Viagra) at least 4 times a week for a year or more (think $70 x 26 = $1,820 a year). You also got to do some Vacuum Pumping to get some venous blood into your penis. A few ED suffers recovers in the first few months, some after a year; but many never recover their functionality at all and remain limp unless they seek other interventions like prosthesis and injections. Personally I think that the Aneros massager can help with 1) blood flow to the affected area after the internal wounds have healed. 2) Stimulate some of those "injured" nerves back to their original function to facilitate a full (or partial) erection. I had that after glow (think blood flow) for most of the day. Using an Aneros might be a cheaper option than these expensive PDE5is, or as @Isvara and @Slimjm suggest, it might have better results combining the PDE5i and Aneros (its on my agenda for next week).

    Incontinence: Most men will have some incontinence after an intervention and will have to do Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor. But isn't that what one does when you do contractions with an Aneros in place. My Urologist was quite surprised at the speed which my incontinence resolved itself -- he commented that I have a "very tight pelvic floor". I thought -- should I tell him, perhaps next time!

    I'm not saying that the Aneros is a panacea for all ills, but I've had a wonderful journey with it prior to my operation - thank you Aneros and my prostate for those mind-blowing big ohs -- and I hope to continue using it during my recovery. The journey continue ....

    ps. To those who so desperately pursue a Big Oh, Let Go of the expectations and let your body respond while you learn and enjoy!
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 994
    @ARTIVEL, "this all happened early in the morning and I felt horny for the remainder of the day. I had to relieve some pressure later in the afternoon around 5pm -- this time I had a dry-O with an erection thats about 65% without the help of PDE5is."
    This sounds very encouraging.