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A question on male estrogen and Aneros performance
  • Hi guys,

    Scientific studies have found that beginning in middle age, men begin to suffer a decline in sexual performance and erectile dysfunction (ED) due to a decline of testosterone levels in their bodies. Also in the last year or so, researchers have found that men begin to experience weight gains due to the increase of estrogen (a female hormone) in their bodies. This is shown in their increasing waistlines and protruding belly paunches.

    I am now 64, but enjoy robust health even in my "retirement." However beginning in 2006, I began to increase slightly in weight due to the sedentary nature of my job. Then from years 2008 to early 2011, I took a very stressful job which increased somewhat my waist and belly fat. The stress from the job (they were trying to get me to quit) also took a big toll on my achieving robust erections.

    In early January 2011, I was fired from this stressful job finally and thrown into an early retirement. After several months of deep depression from being fired for the first time in my life, I began an ambitious walking program of walking two to six miles a day. That regimen got me out of the depression and I  began to have once again robust health. However, it didn't rid of my minor weight gain, belly fat, and slightly expanded waist. Also it seemed that my penis seen better days with this ED "problem."

    However, when I began my Aneros sessions in early June 2012 with Helix Syn, and soon after with Maximus and Progasm Classic and ICE, I began to experience a much more positive mood towards life and greater enjoyment of my body. Also my penis began to revive in the erection department. Another benefit of my Aneros sessions is the toning and strengthening of my upper thigh and buttock muscles, even my abs and pecs. I found that my Aneros sessions also improved my walking a great deal. I found all this very gratifying. But my increased waistline and slight belly fat didn't go away.

    Yesterday afternoon after church, I visited an elderly lady friend of mine who is currently in a rehab facility recovering from a broken left arm. I was wearing my Sunday best, actually a loose fitting black suit. The first words that came out of her mouth were, "Hey Thom., you're getting fat!" I took offence at that remark, and it ruined our visit. Elizabeth is a lady with NO tact. We got into a heated argument on this one issue. Yesterday she tried to convince me to lose weight by cutting down on food intake and drinking weight loss smoothies. I would have none of it!

    It is a given fact that there is an obesity epidemic here in the USA. People here from their early years have become grossly overweight. It is seen most noticeably in men in my country with grossly protruding beer bellies that make them appear that they are about to give birth!

    I am still rather slender for a man for the age of 64. I certainly do not have the slim waist of a 20 year old. That was a good forty years ago!

    But do you think that having decline testosterone and increasing estrogen levels through aging impede Aneros performance and progress???


  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 154
    It's possible, maybe when men get their levels checked more and more as time goes on, and if they use the Aneros, they'll begin to correlate hormone levels with prostate pleasure and activity.

    And, I have to say: that woman is a bitch!  Shame on her, regardless of age or whatever
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,759
    Good read:   <The Testosterone Syndrome> by Eugene Shippen, M.D.

    This belly fat elimination process isn't easy.   I've fought my waist size back down to a 33 and have to work to keep it from creeping back up.

    Aging has a multi-pronged attack on our declining Testosterone output.   The first prong is a slow decline in Testosterone output as our Testicles become less efficient.  The second prong is a process called Aromatase  wherein fat cells (aka adipose tissue), particularly those in our mid-sections, convert Testosterone into Estrogens.  < >

    The triple whammy occurs when Estrogens cause a further increase in fat cells.

    The final hit in this "death spiral" comes from Estrogens being interpreted, by the Pituitary, in a manner which eventually results in the Testicles producing less Testosterone.   < >

    hth .... rook
  • here's something. "It has also been shown that damiana may function as an aromatase inhibitor, which has been suggested as a possible method of action for its reputed effects.[8]"

    I've been drinking damiana tea and vaporizing it butt haven't noticed a shrinkage to my butt or waist yet. it's a aphrodisiac and vaporizing it gives a mild high so I don't mind. it's very nive as vapor but less so as tea. I'm 66 and semi-retired maybe soon to be completely retired. my BMI is on the wrong borderline though and I've plateaued after losing 30 plus pounds.
  • Hi guys,

    Thank you for your support. I had an absolutely wonderful Aneros session this morning which I blogged about in the Aneros Blogs section.

    Personally I like my body just as it is. I certainly do not have a double chin.

    As regards ED, that condition doesn't matter much anymore because I am not interesting much any more having sex with anyone. However, on the news radio station where I here news headlines each morning before rising, there are radio ads from the Boston Medical Group for men who suffer from ED and want to perform in sexual intercourse. Such ads do not matter to me much anymore. 

    However, the Aneros has given me a new lease on life!

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 947
    @BigGlansDC, thank you for your OP. We did a weight check yesterday. It appears one way is to your get your weight (kgs) divide it by your height (m) squared. The ideal result lies between 19 and 25. Thus formula was given to us as a guide to health and longevity. We too in Oz have a developing obesity problem, some folk are huge, I believe anti depressant drugs contribute to this. As you discovered exercise is good too, we have taken that up as well. Never had an estrogen blood work but recently I started having nocturnal erections again, wow! I attribute most of this awakened interest to Aneros.
  • Hi @isvara,

    It is a given fact that most men as they age gain weight. Even aging men who exercise and eat balanced meals gain some weight. Very few men as they age past their twenties maintain their figures and weight that they had at age 20.

    Elizabeth's unexpected words were insulting and a body blow for somebody like me who is still rather slim and walks at least a couple miles a day.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,759
    As a "modern man" I've been curious about the "Beyond Meat" products.   These have tentative interest if not support by many environmentalists, dietitians and economists.   Perhaps, during the digestive process "Beyond Meat" combines the better parts of animal and vegetable sources.  If so we might be on the threshold of a revolutionary approach to nutrition.

    When we consider Testosterone production and how it's influenced by the right combination of amino-acids and natural fats we cold easily wipe out humanity in less than two generations.
     (Think something like, "Soylent Green -- circa 1973)

    Recently my wife and I had a couple of spare hours (the Netflix DVD was a day late).  So, we dug through Amazon Prime's streaming offerings; and, came up with "The Perfect Human Diet" by C.J. Hunt.   Aside from a severe issue with audio / video synchronization the film proved to be a valuable exposure to a seemingly authentic version of the Paleolithic Diet.   I say "seemingly authentic" as the Germans at Leipzig did some good sleuthing to validate the chemistry of bone fragments collected from ancient archaeological sites in Europe.

    The film closes with the typical tour of a modern Grocery store; however, there's a bit of a surprise in how the film's logic plays out in constructing a human meal.   The twist comes in the form of a small handful of meal design rules.   These appear easy to remember and quite easy to follow.

  • Hi @rook,

    Thank you for your insightful data. It is true that soy products are not good for male libido.

    As regards healthful food found in grocery stores, a day or so ago I learned that food prices here in the USA are going to skyrocket because of serious and ongoing droughts.

    Let's face it most people work at jobs that are sedentary. Plus many people rely on motor vehicles for their delay commutes. Last spring I was invited to a luncheon at a parishioner's house way out in the DC suburbs. This parishioner invited his neighbors to the luncheon. His neighbors who are suburbanites were mystified when I told them that I walk almost everywhere in downtown DC. They thought that I was an alien from an other planet even though I told them that I lived in "tony" Georgetown.

    I am sorry that I have a big ax to grind on this issue. That is why Elizabeth's words on my becoming "fat" really rankled me!