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First Super-O!
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    I think I finally had my first Super O last night! Actually, I am not 100% certain, but compared to what I've had before, it sure seemed like it. If there is something better than last night, then I'll call last night a Super-O-- and whatever comes next as a Super-O++.

    The last six weeks have been really meh for me, Aneros-wise. I had nearly instantaneous results when I started at the beginning of December. I had dry orgasms, a few prostate orgasms, a couple of anal orgasms, and a full body sensation or two. I think I had a Super-O start while I was sleeping, but I lost it (or didn't fully experience it).

    But the dry orgasms have been coming more rarely since early January. Prostate orgasms have become almost non-existent. It's like my body doesn't always feel like getting pleasure out of the Aneros. I had definitely plateaued and hit a dry spell. I tried numerous things to get out of it, too. I've tried to go a while without sex or masturbation, I've tried giving more time between sessions. I even ordered a Eupho-Syn and Progasm ICE (both of which gave me different and unique sensations, but didn't get me over the top).

    I recalled back to my earliest success, mid-December, when I launched into a full hour of dry orgasms with my Aneros hours after my wife and I had sex earlier in the evening. These were divine, and were amazingly strong. They were followed by prostate orgasms for about 20 minutes that were wonderful as well. And all this was after many days of Aneros-ing. So I decided to try that approach again the other night. Namely, after a few consecutive days of using the Aneros (with little to no success), my wife and I had sex, and then I put the Aneros in AFTERWARDS. That night, I had a very pleasurable sessions of dry orgasms. They weren't the strongest ever, but they were the best I'd had in two months. I think I have come to the realization that my prostate likes consistent work, as if each session builds on the day before. And engaging the prostate in sexual activity with my wife really juices it up for more action. In fact, I think it works best for me if my prostate is a LITTLE sore (not a LOT), as it is more sensitive (weird, I know).

    Yesterday being Valentines Day, my wife and I had great sex in the morning (yay for SCHOOL). It was long and drawn out, not the typical "be quiet so the kids don't hear and hurry up before one of them knocks". My prostate was tingling a lot all day.

    Last night I put in my Helix Syn (my very first model). I didn't expect much, just as I hadn't expected much the last six weeks. I've read about dry spells, and I figured I was in one, and decided to keep the faith and keep at it based on advice from these boards. After 15-20 minutes, I started having strong dry orgasms. These were by far the strongest since my best session in December. I probably had about 10 of these, each lasting 1 minute or longer, and all totaled lasting about 20 minutes. I was thrilled to have this.

    When the dry orgasms faded, I thought I was done, but I left the Helix in anyway. And after a few minutes, I got a tingling sensation in the prostate again. I've had plenty of these, and they are pleasant, but they often times fade away after 30 seconds, a nice but short memory. But in this case, the tingling built stronger. And then the dry orgasms started again. And THEN the prostate orgasms started. And THEN the anal orgasms started. ALL AT ONCE. I've never experienced any of these orgasm sensations in unison, and here ALL of what I had experienced previously was happening together. The sum was far greater than the individual parts, as all of them combined to produce an amazingly overwhelming sensation of pleasure. In fact, I feel weird calling it a Super-O, because I was having three different O's at the same time. Some of the orgasms were way stronger than anything I've experienced before. And I think there is more to go. I think they can get stronger. 

    The combined orgasms continued for a bit, stopped, and started again. This went on for an HOUR. It was one of the most amazing hours of my life. And somewhere in the middle, I got the "auto-f*** experience". I've never felt that before, and when it started, it was divine. My muscles were alternatively pushing and pulling, and the pleasure just kept coming. I was literally being F***** by my Aneros. It was AWESOME.

    My nether regions have been tingling all day. I feel on the edge of Super-O's as I write this. I'm truly in awe!

    Thanks Aneros!
  • Congratulations! The experience of having initial success then the real work/rewiring taking place is not uncommon. My body did a few things in initial sessions that it didn't do again until I was more fully rewired. An example is that I had more involuntary movements the first couple times then they didn't come back until I had my first Super O. That's even died down a little, but when I really get going I still have involuntaries.

    As I've thought about this it seems like the brain knows what it's trying to do initially but not all the pathways are in place to bring it all together. It seems to take different amounts of time for different people. For me it was just a week or so. For some it takes a year or more.

    May you continue to have success on your journey.
  • Congratulations, @mdad, you deserve it, on your achieving your first Super O!
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    The experience of having initial success then the real work/rewiring taking place is not uncommon

    I had read about dry spells plenty of times. But I had never read about them in conjunction with fast starts. If that's the case that it's common, then I hope I'm coming to the end of it. I still expect some disappointing sessions ahead, but hopefully the trend is towards better and better sessions.
  • Maybe it's not as common as I thought. It was my sense from the limited amount I've read so far on the forum. I thought I had read a few times of something happening initially that didn't immediately continue. I read a comment about there being people out there that had initial success, but didn't know how they did it, then struggled for a while to figure things out. In any case, I hope you keep a good trend going as well.