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Aneros liquid autof**k pleasure!
  • Hi guys,

    This is a digest, perhaps an expansion of my Aneros blog which I posted several hours ago today.

    Those of you who know me, have noticed that I achieved a quantum leap in my Aneros sessions when I began using both Peridise and Tempo in my sessions just after last Thanksgiving. Both these models have taught me Aneros rhythm. Both these models have showed me what Aneros autof**king is all about.

    About a month ago, I finally discovered the Aneros position of lying on my right side in the fetal position. But it was @ineverknew who suggested that I lie in that position with my right leg straight down and my left leg hooked. That in itself is a further, definite improvement.

    Now this position and its variation is a position suggested in the Aneros instructions. It is a passive position, ideal for the do-nothing approach in Anerosing. Wow! What feelings of sweetness was produced without the rough ride from my Aneros models that I had experienced for such a long time. This position works very well with all my Aneros models, especially Maximus and Progasm Classic. And boy, I have fallen love again with these big bruiser f**kers!

    However this morning, I experienced something even newer and more exciting. My Aneros tools produce an autof**k so automatic, so smooth, so sweet, and with such liquid Aneros pleasure! No, I didn't ejaculate semen, didn't have a wet orgasm, but something much better, a sexual sweetness that right now as I write this that is causing my groin, scrotum, perineum, anal musculature, and prostate to twitch and quiver with excitement and pleasure!

    When I think of the Aneros autof**k tonight, I am a horndog for the Aneros! What better St Valentine's Day gift for a guy like me!

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks SO much Thom./BigGlansDC !!  :D  :D

    Beautiful ongoing extensions of the still unfolding potentials of Auto*F.!.@K.........   whenever one is feeling Anerosy.... and seeks deeper meanings through our Rosetta all ways mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    all the best depth charging all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • Great for u buddy!
  • Thank you, @artform and @xtimedt69, for your encouragement. I had another great Aneros session this morning, this time savoring the subtle autof**k stroke action with Progasm ICE. It was absolutely sweet. All this Aneros sweetness has me on the verge of something major. ;) :D
  • @BigGlansDC Sounds like you are in the middle of something major! My good feeling have also returned and I am liking it. 
  • Ahhhh...the subtle beauty of a full moon! Lots of happy riders!!

  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    I wish to experience this liquid pleasure as well. i have not yet mastered the art of coercing the peristalsis mechanism into action but i find that kegel exercise before a session really stimulates it along with pushing the aneros out using the muscles. I've no doubt I’ll reach this stage one day, thanks for sharing :) .