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Who wants a Estim Aneros probe model from Aneros
  • View Poll Results: What would you like to see in Estim Aneros devices Voters: 36

    You may not vote on this poll

    Progasm Estim 9 25.00%

    Progasm Jr Estim 6 16.67%

    Maximus Estim 9 25.00%

    Helix Estim 6 16.67%

    Eupho Estim 4 11.11%

    Another new and exciting model Estim 14 38.89%

    NO! dont need estim manual aneros is just fine 6 16.67%

  • Ok so I posted a wish in my Aneros model suggestions thread today and then thought we need a poll to let aneros know how bad we really want it.
    After all thats what a company is all about, making money by giving the customer what they want right? 

    So would appreciate my fellow Aneros users just taking the time to vote yes, no or yes to some models or all.

  • Just for refeance this is what estim is about:

    Well Its time for something real different and I think there is a big enough call for it to be viable too.
    This product would also be of use to begginers and fun for advanced users too as it would actually train your muscles and rewire you without effort. Making it a full proof way of at least getting you started into pleasure from the aneros. It would certainly milk you good!

    Many beginners struggle to get to the autofuck stage and this is where the journey really gets interesting. 
    SO how do you get there and how do you get there fast. 
    Well if your brain can not drive the aneros like this then you have train it or imitate the brain signal right?
    So electrics is the only way to drive your muscles in the correct fashion.
    Its called Estim for those that dont know. And there are many that have been doing it for some time.
    I have not yet, but I have got the controller already just need a electric aneros which is called a anal probe.
    Now @aneros2 and @anerosx2 can not confirm or deny the development of such a weapon but I put my money on that this is one of the big things coming from aneros in the future. Lets hope its the near future.
    There are others using Estim with modified aneroses. They add conductive tape to a aneros in the correct positions and then hook up to their Estim controller and off it goes.

    I think the biggest thing from aneros is still to come. A Aneros Progasm, Maximus, or  Progasm Jr Estim is on the table. We just dont know it yet.
    I am sure it takes a lot of R and D to get something like this off the ground.
    The technology and materials are there, so it is not a far fetched idea.
    There was talk of it a year ago but its gone all quiet, so heres hoping.
    Hopefully I am note leading everyone astray with my empty promise that I have no control over.

    It will be Aneros that has to deliver!

    I for one will volunteer as a pre release tester of the said device 

    To my fellow Aneros users if you want such a device then you need to let Aneros know.
    Squeeky wheel gets the oil.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Hmm, I’ll be first to chime in. A couple months ago I actually suggested an electro tempo type model in the chat. I think it'd be a very interesting idea especially if the device is low power and subtle, it is probably the only way that I’ll try e-stim as I’m weary of trying it on other body parts for some reason, the anal-canal just seems safer.

    If it is true that e-stim can help one re-wire than i think it'd be the ultimate device as many many people struggle with that and even quit aneros all together due to frustration. I think it'd be an excellent idea!

    (Though its success would of course depend on demand for e-stim toys in general.)

    @};- Tre'
  • Personally I like the entire Aneros line as it is. I like how the various Aneros tools that I have acquired over the nineteen months of my journey have awakened my prostate and unlocked the latent pleasures in my body. It has taken a lot of hard work on my part to develop an Aneros routine and get to know each model on my Aneros Team. For me, the results and benefits of Anerosing have been cumulative and accentuating in the fun and pleasure found in my sessions and my models, nay even in my whole body.

    Yet an E-stim Aneros model with low voltage may be beneficial sometime down the line for me, although such models may be on the high end in terms of cost.

  • @braveneworld, I think this is a cool idea, and I did see a prototype with some electrical wires attached somewhere (I'm not sure how old it was or what the status of development it was in).  The only thing I can think of is, how conductive can plastic be?  I mean, I'm sure the E-stim Aneros would have some wiring integrated in the plastic or something. . . but I'm not sure how those would be manufactured in huge amounts.  I mean, I'm sure it's possible and all. . . it'll probably be expensive.  :-?

    Has anyone tried adding e-stim to their current Aneros? 
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Well.. I made my Progasm into an E-stim device.. there`s pics on here somewhere. And I have to say it`s totally INsane!!!! what a feeling..

    with that said.... I just took it apart and brought back my old progasm. The reason is that it simply moves to far up when you contract (unwillingly). The e-stim causes pretty powerful contractions.

    So if you are to go with Estim you neet girth, but not too much length.

    So the perfect E-stim device would be Progasm Junior - in my experienced e-stimmer opionion.
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    It'd be cool if they made one that produced a rolling contraction. Maybe with multiple sets of electrodes that fired in sequence. Rectal and anal pushing it in and out while the PC muscle bobs it. And have it programmable via USB where we can share programs/patterns on the forum.
    Imagine connecting it to a live stream where everyone is in a chat room receiving the same program simultaneously, that'd be an interesting conversation.

    It sounds expensive to do (if it's even possible), but if it worked, I'd pay probably $200 for one. I consider orgasming a hobby. :>
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Here's a link for a DIY.   < >

    I made a very simple Unipole by placing self-adhestive copper foil on a Black Progasm.  Unfortunately the "attach file" function isn't working today.  So, I'll show it as my Avatar for a couple of weeks.  The Red Progasm on the Avatar is "stock" and is shown for size comparisons.

    Suitable copper foil is available from most Guitar shops or on eBay.  I reduced the stem diameter on the Progasm for comfort.

    Enjoy and remember to make all the connections very snug electrically.   An intermittent connection can spoil your whole day !
  • @Aneros2 @Braveneworld Many people have modded the Aneros for eStim. Most notably @Alex_xx. I have too, and it feels incredible. Imagine going straight to smooth in-voluntaries with lots of precum action. It does not take much power at all and the lower settings work best. My mod did not work after a few uses I must have shorted out somehow. I had gotten a probe made for estim and never fixed my Mod.

    The best model I tried for eStim was Maximus, it just massaged just right.

    The commercial probe I have is made of silicone and has conductive rubber pads molded into it, the connections are in the base for the Prostate and the Perineum. It is large, but it feels incredible. Sometimes I use it for a few minutes to wake up my Prostate then switch to Maximus and get very good results. I have used it alone for an hour or more and it gets you close.

    eStim is WAY different than a Vibrator.

    In February 2013 CT posted a message about anyone interested in testing eStim, I PMed him and never got a reply on the subject. 

    But I would definately buy one from Aneros because everything they make is high quality.

    Trust me @rook is right intermittent connections are bad .... :bz
  • @Aneros2 take a look at a Twisting Tom this is the device that Xtimedt69 has. It is rubber but it is conductive in parts. Slightly girthyer  than a Progasm.
    So yes Silicone conductive rubber Yes thats right SYN like.
    I think the idea could be improved lots by placement of the electrode pads at front and back instead of the sides.
    I think Aneros could make a model which is completely their own design using a two channel estim controller.
    Estim is widley used so I dont think there is a patent on the idea, Aneros would just need to make their version!
    You would have to admit. Where do you go forward from the VICE. Award winning! the next step would be estim IMHO.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    There have been numerous discussions here about electrifying Aneros massagers. E-Stim equipment is mentioned in the Aneros WIKI and in several threads in the Forum such as Electrosex and Aneros, electrostimulation...., Hesitating to post this but… & electro-stim + aneros / ‘sterostimming’. In an older thread this commercially available item - The Electrify It Kit shows the use of the Aneros Maximus in an electrified condition. However, I don't know if that kit is still available.

    There is a thread called The Slightest Touch (a product originally designed for women) on this Forum as well. The original makers of that product produced a short user manual for men's usage/guidance with ’B Mayfield’ as a contributing author, (here’s a link to a copy of that manual, ['B Mayfield' also wrote a post “I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC...” regarding its use but has subsequently removed it, so don’t look for it. (Apparently the company was sold a few years ago and since then their service and customer relations has significantly deteriorated. At this time one may be much better off purchasing an alternative product from another manufacturer. Two well known alternative manufacturers are Paradise Electro Stimulations & Erostek.)

    There is a large group of E-Stim aficionados at, with a wealth of information and discussions surrounding E-Stim usage (most of those discussions revolve around homemade devices), however, you do have to join the membership (it's free) in order to access the website information.

    I know there are a couple of other manufacturers of Aneros clone massagers who have stepped into producing E-stim versions of their products. Since I have not tried any of those products I can't really comment on their effectiveness but it does seem to me a market for such devices exists and perhaps Aneros should develop their own device to satisfy this niche market.

    Please take proper safety precautions when utilizing E-Stim equipment! &
    Please read this short Guide to Erotic Electrostimulation if you intend to pursue this line of practice.

    image Good Vibes to You ! image

  • @rumel yes i have done a lot of research on the subject. A lot of which you mention I have read but there is a number I have not. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I am a member of smartstim which helped me choose my estim controller. Just saving for a probe now, but Aneros does not have what I am looking for so I will have to buy something else but that was the reason for the thread. To let Aneros know that they need a estim model so they can get my business! 
  • @rumel The slightest touch is gone, but is replaced by a host of other TENs units that offer much better control and flexibility. Like TENS, Aneros was developed at first for therapeutic purposes and the pleasure was a surprising side effect.

    Most of the eStim Anal probes are not designed like Aneros products primarily for Prostate massage.

    I think what many of us including @braveneworld are looking for is a Company like Aneros to apply their superior knowledge of Prostate Massage and incorporate eStim in order to stimulate the muscles and apply direct Prostate Stimulation in a controlled way. 

    For prostate stim, the power levels needed are really low, but the frequency and speed can be either high or ramped for best results. SmartStim is a great resource but many of the people there have a a much different goal that those of us here.

    I hope I am making some kind of sense. My experience with my commercial estim probe and my modded Maximus shows great promise. However, I find the conductive material to more effective on the sides causing the device to gently massage left and right and sometimes in . I also found the copper tape to be a little harsh feeling kind of stinging sometimes.

    Now, I have went back to probably 95% pure old fashioned Aneros because of the problems with the copper tape and the size of the Commercial probe. 
  • Ye. Imagine how much they'd charge. Fuck that. Omce u bring in estim, it'd b $499.99. Assholes
  • @braveneworld  Yes, I was looking at the Mystim site several months ago, their products are nice.  I wonder how they compare to Aneros considering that they're similar in design but contain e-stim. 

    @CT, what happened to the testing @xtimedt69 was referring to? 

    @irishedger hahahaha, no one said they'd be cheap! 

  • @Aneros2 and @irishedger Well like with anything there is cost and profit involved.
    While Aneros products have been over priced they are now much more reasonable.
    Expensive for a piece of plastic but not really for what the piece of plastic can do!
    While I have bought 3 of my aneros toys and have been given the rest of the more expensive toys, if I had been working then it would not have been so hard to afford them.
    The only thing really that lets down at the moment if freight overseas. It just makes something that was kinda expensive just way over the top.
    Once is able to correct this problem I think it would become affordable again.

    If Aneros came up with a e-stim device I feel sure it would be priced accordingly for the market vs their competitors. There are people employed to work these things out!
    Besides freight prices perhaps because of the way chooses to freight I can not say I have ever had a bad experience with Customer service has always been good.
  • @braveneworld that is the price you pay living in paradise and the land of the Wicked Weasel!!!  :bz
  • @Aneros2 the twisting tom feels good but is huge. I am told Big Bend It is big but tapers but lacks the pivot point.

    Modded Aneros feels great, I just didn't care for the feeling of the copper tape.
  • Have recently gotten into eStim and would love to have an aneros electrode. Have the progasm and helix and enjoy them immensely. I just have a feeling that setting them up as electrodes will be an amazing feeling, especially with a good session inducing ghost fuck. Hope you are seriously considering this.
  • ThrusterThruster
    Posts: 52
    Good point - it may be enough for Aneros to make an electrode that can be used with a variety of already-existing fine controllers.  Aneros need not re-invent yet another controller, and Aneros users who already have controllers need not spend money on another one.  By electrode I mean something like their ordinary prostate massagers, but with conductive surfaces and a means for connecting it to a controller.  I think the Tempo design would be good for e-stim.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    NeuroTrac Vaginal Probe, connects to
    Would this work as an anal estim.
    It is supposed to strengthen the PC muscles by stimulation should be long enough to reach the prostate?
  • PareidoliaPareidolia
    Posts: 90
    I bought a Flexing Flavio (Twisting Tom's smaller brother) and it's been a blast. I'd highly recommend it.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Last night I did a 45 minute workout with the neurotrac estim with a VM-Rect anal probe. Nothing remarkable, very mild not what I expected, but interesting. After I finished I spent most of the night with my SGX which felt much tighter than usual. I had heaps of my mini contractions as I slept. Very happy.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    isvara said:

    NeuroTrac Vaginal Probe, connects to
    Would this work as an anal estim.
    It is supposed to strengthen the PC muscles by stimulation should be long enough to reach the prostate?

    I have that unit.. nat the machine but the vaginal Probe. It doesn`t reach the prostate or put pressure the correct way for what you want.

    But it still feels good, and I like how far it sucks itself in during e-stimmed contractions.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    But whatever aneros does, do NOT make an estim model with the conductive parts on the front and back.. both sides would be much better. Front and back doesn`t connect well enough to the body due to the form of the aneros(I know, I`ve tried). Poor surface connection allows for stinging sensations in e-stim and less effect.
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @Alex_xxx I agree. I have tried both. Remember, it is not the current on the Prostate that does the trick, the current is bi-polar so it causes the muscles on either side to flex rhythmically pulling the device back and forth over the Prostate? 
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    @Alex_xxx, thank you for the heads up re the stinging.
    The probe I used had banded electrodes, it also had variable depths. I may have had it too far in, or not enough conductive lube. I will try the Vaginal probe that came with the unit it has side electrodes I am seeing if I can trigger the AutoF response. All good. Much to learn. Happy with my journey, albeit gradual.
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @isvara I have Twisting Tom, it has side trodes and it will AF you all day and it brings me right to the edge. But it is HUGE, so I don't use it very often.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    @Alex_xxx, @xtimedt69,
    Re Neurotrac PelviTone. To speed things along for me, which of inbuilt programs worked for you? Did you create your own settings?
    I have found after use my mini contractions are much more active. I think these might be the beginning or my totally absent AF. Also it seems to have enabled unmedicated three morning erections just useable (but unused). The brand Kegel8 (UK) have a men's model with an inbuilt ED program, the units in other respects are identical. But they don't publish the ms and hz. This make is not available in AU.
    A push in the right direction would be appreciated.
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700

    @Alex_xxx ErosTek ET-312 which I am told is fully programmable and can be used with estim audio files.I am told it is smooth and very effective, but too rich for my blood.

    I have the Ultima 5 it has Constant, two pulsing one has the width and freq adjustable then 2 ramping modes. 

    Mode 3 works best for me on the anal. I credit it with bringing me out of my slump. You barely turn it up to where you can feel it. After a while the ole Prostate is dancing with great feelings.