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My way to Super-O
  • nenasnenas
    Posts: 37

        I received my Helix over a year ago. (December

    I started kegels
    immediately as per wicki instructions. There was a period of getting familiar
    with the device. There was not too much pleasure in the beginning but I was
    motivated what I could observe in the videos. ( Aneros Videos 2013 )I continued
    with kegels whenever I had privacy. This was sometimes daily or weekly.

    My focus was on
    the aneros forum. I looked for a description of how progress materialized.
    Unfortunately most submissions were of what was achieved, but not what were the
    steps how to achieve. The WIKI in my opinion was too unpersonal. But then there
    may not be information which fits each individual.

    One of the first
    results after one or two weeks was a longer period of automatic contraction in
    the order of 17 contractions per minute. I was able to set this off by simply concentrating
    and was able to supress the contraction and feel it to linger deep inside. I
    was flowing precum like a fountain. My whole genital area underwent a revival.
    These contractions changed to spasms which I let develop to a tingling deep
    inside which I could several times maintain for a longer time. This deep
    tickling even without Helix was caused by beginning anal spasms which I

    At one time I
    received very pleasant feelings. I went to bed at 11 PM without the Helix. At 3
    Am I received heavy spasm. It was difficult to sleep. I was able to maintain
    the spasms by concentrating only. Now I can induce anal spasms by concentration
    and I follow it where it leads. Later with my legs angled and spread I achieved
    a legs spasm. This was a very pleasant feeling. I believed I achieved

    After 2 month I
    achieved what I figured was a mini “O”. This was encouraging as to this day I
    was not quite sure if I would be successful. In particular as reports were out
    from users who had after extensive times not been successful. I was still not
    certain if the Helix reached the right spot. So I bought a Prograsm which was a
    bit longer. Using it I felt it was too big and it did not permit much movement.
    From there on I was able to repeat inducing “shaking legs” at will. As time
    goes on I am getting further every day. It seems that I can take up and get
    faster to the last session results.

    After 3 month I
    was able to have my legs shaking in flat and angled position. There seems to be
    a tickling feeling which is followed by deeper response, but just not enough to
    go over the top in results. Though I continued, no mayor steps materialized. My
    encouragement is the little steps forward each time I use the aneros. These
    steps forward are difficult to describe. I just felt more satisfied.
    I observed slightly involuntary contractions which after a
    few weeks turned into fast involuntary repeating contractions. My pleasure
    increased as time went on.

    General pleasure throughout session materialized. I had pleasure
    at voluntary pelvic thrusting. At that time 5 month into the game I adopted the
    method of doing little or nothing. The situation improved from there on. I felt
    the tingling worm feeling. Definite sense of ongoing subtle involuntary
    contraction and integrating pelvic thrusting and contracting went on.

    large muscle quaking with pleasure developed. Surprise attack of very serious
    pleasure developed. At this time I was able to achieve results without using
    the aneros. I managed to obtain extremely intense prostate orgasms.
    Now after about 10 month in the game I can achieve mini orgasm which
    developed even without tool. I can extend these mini orgasms over a lengthy
    time into what I believe are Super o’s. This happens without using a tool.
    After I used the Helix most of the time I occasionally went for the Prograsm.
    Though I found the Prograsm because of its size does not move much. I changed
    completely to the Helix. I have now developed in using no tool. In fact I
    believe even with using the Helix it inhibits my feelings. I can now achieve
    full satisfaction without any tool.

    My best results are
    feeling what I believe are p-waves which develop in the morning in my bed.
    These develop in severe extremely pleasant contractions with lengthy duration,
    exhaustive breaks. I can extend these feelings into what I definitely believe
    are Super Os. I am able to initiate the p-waves by just contracting a few
    times. Using nipple play does the same, however I use the two nipple method for
    increased response. Over the day I experience what I believe are the beginnings
    or p waves resulting in heavy contractions. Standing or sitting and developing
    into orgasms, In fact I have these results every time I sit down or lay on my
    bed. My orgasms have shed the period of trashing, even though I can introduce
    these, I can maintain the quiet orgasm which is just felt inside my abdomen.

    If there is more it can
    only get better. I seem to feel a slight increase in response every time I

    I hope this story will
    help some new users. The suggestion is not trying, comparing or analyse your
    progress. Let it flow and enjoy every session.

    And get yourself
    registered at the Chat with a personal name, details of your age and location.
    This helps to maintain and repeat contacts even with a private dialog. Using
    the Aneros forum is something that will help you.