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So I plan (note only plan, you never know what the future holds) on buying 1 and only 1 model, which
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    helix 8 72.73%

    progasm 3 27.27%

  • So basically I have narrowed it to the progasm or helix, for one I definitely like big stuff, my favorite current toy is this, so I can take big things, and ive heard the progasm is what the pros go for so what the heck, why not start there.

    However I have been told bigger doesn't equal better here, and that the helix gives more movement.

    But what the heck, I keep leaning progasm every time, it says its more aggressive and I know it will be more filling.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,178
    i started out with the progasm and it is an excellent tool, but I must say its true that bigger is not always better.  I think in the long run all of the aneros devices will get you to where you need to go.  But I have to vote for the helix for the reason that its more consistent for me then the progasm.  For some reason or another the progasm just stops working for me and I have to switch it up whereas the helix always is pleasureable, maybe not super O pleasureable, but still good feeling. Hate to say it, but its a tough decision for you.  Good luck.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    If you fused progasm with helix you'd probably get either progasm jr. or maximus : )

    But since you only want one, Helix is likely to bring the most consistent results as it's sort of a neutral model due to its size, the progasm isn't for everyone. As well, it takes a bit of experience to use.

    But who knows you may be one of those uncommon types that can use a progasm from the start.

    P.S.: The bigger models give off a full feeling effect that the other models don't pull off to well, thanks to the pressure the bigger massagers place on the anal walls, the DeVice is currently the largest model and is often touted as more comfortable than progasm due to not having a p/k tab and being made of pure silicone. It is also the same design as progasm but bigger.

    The problem is you have to be able to maneuver that thing using your anal muscles whilst its inside you.

    P.P.S.: Personally, I’d go for for progasm jr. as I hear it's aggressive due to its design while at the same time maintaining mobility due to its size. Also imo the jr. is also in the neutral zone due to its size and is a good beginner to advanced model.
    Posts: 20
    I started with that plan last summer and I just ordered my 4th and 5th model (not counting peridise set). Start down the middle with the helix then consider the most agile model, eupho as well as the big ones.
  • If I were an Aneros newby with no experience with anal play, I would go with the Helix rather than the Progasm. But there are two versions of the Helix: the older Helix Classic that many guys had chosen as their first Aneros model and the newer Helix Syn model, which more Anerosers such as I started out with.

    Of course, I am so grateful that it was the Helix Syn with its soft silicone overlay that started me on my Aneros journey in early June 2012. Two months later I graduated to Maximus, and then in September 2012, I added Progasm Classic and Progasm ICE to my Aneros sessions. These larger models really help me along in my Aneros journey. Later in June 2013, I added Progasm Junior and Eupho Syn to my lineup.

    And finally just last Thanksgiving, Peridise Full Set and Tempo arrived! Both Peridise and Tempo almost from day one have sent me into Aneros orbit, perhaps even rocketed me to the moon!

    So, @artacuno53, you'll probably add many Aneros models to your collection as many of us here do!
  • Dont worry guys, I can see myself buying a progasm down the road, but im pretty gosh darn sure thats it and ill buy a max of the 2.
  • Both the Maximus and Progasm (both Classic and Ice) are very good choices. Right now, I am so horny for them because my session begins in a minute or two! ;)
  • Like you, I thought bigger was better and my first Aneros was the Progasm. I didn't like it due to the hard plastic and rigidity of the K tab, which caused more pain than it was worth. I modified the tab and it made it a little more bearable, but still never achieved what I was hoping for, even after a year of trying. Next I purchased the Helix. What a difference! Though I did not achieve the Super O, the pleasure was in the ejaculations I achieved. As others have said, the Helix is more consistent with the program. I used it for a year before trying the Eupho Syn. I loved the silicone coating, very comfortable, but the Eupho was too small for me, as I like a little girth. About 6 months ago I purchased the De Vice, which is the Vice without the vibrator. When I opened the package I was impressed with the feel and the size of this baby. With much anticipation, I prepared for my session. Within 15 minutes I achieved my first Super O, with very little effort, along with the most intense ejaculation I've ever had in my life, and I'm 60 years young! Not only that but I was moaning in pleasure quite loudly, and I am normally quiet. Needless to say, the De Vice is now the massager of choice for me. It's the only one I use, 3-4 times weekly and it never disappoints me. You will be impressed with the size and girth and hopefully you can achieve the Super O. Give it a try! Message me if you have any questions.
  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    I have many Aneros devices but for a newbie I recommend the Helix. 

    Larger models press harder on your prostate but don't move as much.  Smaller models  move more but don't press so hard.