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Close but no cigar
  • I had given myself a week or so of no exercises and no aneros sessions. I feel like I went over the top at first and did far too much, practicing contractions all day very very intensely and having 3 hour aneros sessions almost daily and as a result lost all good sensations for awhile. But in return for a much needed rest I would be rewarded with something new. I started session with mgx and almost instantly had great feelings, started to relax for 10 minutes to start the session but the whole time I was having incredible feelings, I decided to just barely contract and grab the sides of the aneros (I've gotten amazing new skills due to soo much practice) and push out very very slight to check mobility, when I did this an electric feeling like licking a 9 volt battery came out from my anus like a ring and at first I wasn't surprised as it was so small but it amplified and engulfed the rest of my body, a very new intense feeling left me laughing a little, then my abdomen started tightening and my body started breathing in a strange way (deep breath in and rapid hard breath out as my abdomen would tighten) . My body was acting completely on it's own and something strong was building inside me, my vision left me but not because my eyes were failing. Or anything like that but because my consciousness was completely involved in this new thing (I didn't feel in danger or fear of danger to myself at all) ...but just as I was about to blast off I backed out, almost of a fear of not knowing if I wanted to go through all that right then, like I wasn't ready and it took me by surprise. The feelings are so new and so strong. Now I know I can achieve that state and it's now just getting more comfortable
  • Sounds like you're having fun!