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Felt a pop in my prostate. Also, first impression of the PS-New.
  • I just got a PS-New and had an excellent session with it. Then shortly before I was going to end the session anyway, I rolled over quickly. When I did I felt a pretty big pop. I cut the tail off of this model, same as the others, so I didn't accidentally knock it. The pop didn't hurt and it doesn't hurt now. An hour later there is a weird tingle. Not good or bad, just...weird. I've had that happen once before with another model. It wasn't nearly as noticeable as this time though. If I remember correctly it didn't hurt then either, but there was a low ache/weirdness for a couple days after. So, what was that? Did I do any damage?

    My first impression of the PS-New. 
    I've instantly loved almost every other model I have, but the PS-New seems like it was made for me. The PS-New has a skinnier head than any other model, including the Eupho, so it slides in easy, even when my sphincter is clamped like a vice. But the contact edge is a bit broader/flatter than the Helix Syn so it's actually almost as comfortable as a Syn. It rests a bit deeper than the others and for me it feels like it makes contact with the prostate in a more centered, complete way, without being filling. Even the P-tab position is better for me. Out a bit further than other models. Once it locks in place it feels like an elongated C. It gives an even, firm, resting pressure, both inside and out, that just drives me up the wall. So, in conclusion...I have too many favorite models ;) 

    Why isn't the PS-New sold here? The other two HIH models are. Is the PS-New that weird family member that just kinda hides out with the dog instead of really joining the family during a holiday?