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Continued pressure on prostate with aneros, is it a good idea?
  • TickleTickle
    Posts: 31
    Just a little query here. I have tried this thing a few times where say I'm useing a helix and I stuff like a bung of tissue under the p-tab and this seems to put the end of the helix bang onto my prostate, I know cos I get that 'want to pee' feeling. I guess this is shortening it's range inside and also angling it up more in direct contact on my prostate and I maybe do some voluntary contractions which intensifies this feeling. Now this feeling is like Wooaaagh! feels very raunchy is the only way I can explain it and is there all the time while that contact is maintained, quite intense but it never seems to go anywhere but it feels like it could. So I was thinking is this way of useing the aneros likely to lead me in the right direction or is it going against the grain of how it should be used? i.e involuntary contractions setting things in motion. But the feeling in itself as I said is quite enjoyable, kind of like an orgasmy feeling but it's not building if you know what I mean. It's almost like you need a release into something but it just won't come but maybe there's too much control going on on my part I don't know. I don't get anywhere near this feeling if I use the aneros as normal, maybe a slight tickly feeling which kind of peters out but it's like I need that really full-on feel on the prostate with the aneros. Anyway just wondered what some of you guys thoughts might be on this and have you experienced anything similar?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,185
    manually pushing on my prostate with anything never feels good to me, even with an aneros device but thats just me.  Very light massaging feels amazing though.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807

    the wanna-pee sensation is an indication that the Helix's bulbous head is making contact with the upper portion of your prostate up-next to the sensory nerves that detect the 'full bladder' sensations.

    If this turns to discomfort or you have a bruise-like discomfort after a session then you might want to ease off on how much added tilt you are generating with your Helix.

    As your Perineum muscles-up, you can scrap the pad and should have an outstanding ride.

    enjoy... rook (long time Helix luver)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Making a slight modification of the engagement angle of your Aneros to your prostate via a little padding of the P-tab does not violate the basic instructions for hands free usage. I also agree with @rook that your perineum will toughen/tone up such that padding will not be necessary in the future. I believe the basic rule of thumb for learning how to use an Aneros is "follow the pleasure". What that means is be adventurous in trying out different techniques but when you come across something that produces a distinctly better sensory response pursue that path. Try small variations around that particular technique to see if things improve or not. If they improve, great, if not, step back to where you were getting some good feelings and continue along that path again but be patient, enjoy the pleasure you ARE receiving and don't worry about (or expect) the next phase.
    IMHO, your goal shouldn't be mini-O's, dry-O's or even a Super-O, the goal should be to enjoy the journey itself. Understand that your Aneros journey is an evolutionary one, it will change over time, your sensations will change over time, that which is new and very exciting now will become a normal, warmly accepted sensation in the future. The upside here is this will allow your body to produce new sensations if you remain open to the journey and don't get hung up on chasing some particular sensation.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • TickleTickle
    Posts: 31
    Ah some really good advice there guys, thanks alot. To be honest it's been a year since 'My Journey' started and there hasn't been much to write home about, don't think I've had waves of any sort or if I have I havn't been able to experience them. But I have not gotten frustrated and gone with the flow of things, never really pushed anything, had the ferocious leg spasming thing which again doesn't go anywhere and seems to have subsided somewhat. The fact I can feel the aneros on my prostate means that at least there are sensations on that walnut of a sexual dynamo but as yet I havn't cracked that nut and realeased the power within. As I mentioned earlier I have been experimenting a little with increased pressure on the prostate which gives that want to pee sensation but is also quite enjoyable at the same time but personally I don't think this way of useing the aneros is going to lead anywhere. The involuntary contractions are still very elusive but are perhaps working at a very low level of which I can't percieve but am perhaps slightly aware of the sensations. I also personally feel that things are happening and again I'm not properly tuned into the vibes so to speak and I think that the re-wiring process is still ongoing, I'm going to sack that electrician (LOL). Anyway I'll take all advice onboard and maybe just let the aneros take the wheel for a while, sit back and enjoy the journey....
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    I have read that due to society’s style of sitting constantly and holding things in until the appropriate time that many people have knotted up anal & pelvic musculature (in extreme cases the muscles themselves develop toxicity) and that aneros use along with the male dear exercise (holding contractions) can actually be harmful for the individual. In-fact many people contract their anal muscles unconsciously even as they are walking about and also contract them in stressful situations.

    I have observed this phonemina for myself and thus used a muscle pressing technique to un-knot my muscles, the sensations and tingling was instant as the muscles untangled, relaxed, and allowed fresh blood to flow through them.

    (I used the head of my progasm and fingers to accomplish this but I believe that a therawand would be excellent!)

    I think that this is a very over-looked issue and is one of the main culprits to aneros failure. Muscle messages, pressing, and stretching should imo be a precursor to any anal play as it can enhance the experience tremendously and is healthier for the body over-all as was the case with me.

    I recommend these links for learning more:

    I use the instructions provided on the therawand link before every session though i use my fingers and progasm head instead of the wand and let me tell you the feeling of pressing on those muscles and releasing is absolutely tremendous! >:D< But! i beleive that a therawand would greatly increase the effectiveness of the stretching as well as the ease of the message as its very difficult with just my fingers/progasm.

    @};- Trei`