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Your two cents: What is this feeling? On the edge...?
  • Hi everyone! Yet another question...!
    I enjoy a lot of great sessions nowadays - but there's something I'm not quite sure on.
    When I feel the onset of something great, I feel sensations in my abdomen. Above the belly button, and down in the pelvis. It elevates my heart beats, and gets me breathing heavily. Guessing these are p-waves, right? Or are they orgasms? It makes me want to moan sometimes, though that doesn't really add to anything. Before it'd feel like burst of adrenaline - think I've 'refined' it now into this.

    And in regards to the edge, when I do 'orgasm' - my abdomen tenses solid like a rock for a few long seconds, like I'm passing stool. Tensing the abdomen is often what brings on an orgy/long p-wave; but the great sensations numb after 2-3 seconds of tensing, cancelling the pleasures in a sense. Is this typical of coalescing sensation? Or would pleasure develop further if I was to prevent abdomen tensing in some form?
    To put in another way: Does my orgasm naturally drop off here, or is my abdomen tensing causing me to edge?

    One extra question: Prostate can make you feel like you need to urinate, right? Is that with an empty bladder as well?
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    I don't know what to call it, but I'd describe it as that feeling I used to get when I climbed polls as a kid. Only now I've advanced it to the next stage. It's almost like I'm continuing my abandoned research.

    One extra question: Prostate can make you feel like you need to urinate, right? Is that with an empty bladder as well?

    People say that. But I've never experienced it. If I'm in an aneros session and I feel like I need to piss, then it's because I actually need to piss really badly. I thought a few times I was about to "squirt" and went along with it and bared-down, but nope, piss everywhere. Thanks guys. :|
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    I think you're starting to have some feelings, DarkEngine. When I'm about to have a really intense super-O start, I'll get a little maybe 2 seconds wave of nausea that seems to sweep over my abdomen. As to the "need to pee" feeling, initial contact with your gland, like when you slip your Aneros in, tends to do that.
  • @DarkEngine, what you described is EXACTLY where I am at.  I feel the same sensation in the pit of my stomach when my abdomen tenses just as you describe.  Not everytime but often. BUT I also feel like I HAVE to tense my abdomen to bring it on.  I've managed to hold that feeling for a few seconds, and I have rarely been able to get it to repeat.   This is why I just don't understand the guidance to relax... it seems like I really have to tense to get to this sensation, and I'm worried I'll blow a gasket or something.

    As great as it feels, I sense that there is something more, especially judging from other's comments... I just haven't been able to get beyond this.

    Incidentally, I have had a lot more success getting to this place with TEMPO than with either the Helix or the Progasm Ice....
  • Just wanted to add that i had a really nice session with the Tempo today... not earth-shattering, but nice.  This time, i concentrated really hard on the the feelings i was getting and really tried to resist the urge to clamp down.  Instead of clamping, i tried to relax and "preserve" the feeling i was getting as much as possible.  First, i noticed some really nice feelings that i would NOT have noticed without concentration, and second; i WAS able to hold on to the pleasurable feelings for longer.