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Maybe starting to get the hang of this...
  • dunnodunno
    Posts: 3
    In the past few days, I have been using a new "technique" that seems to be the most natural thing I have tried so far. I say technique, but really I'm not doing much. As far as I can tell it really boils down to is just letting the sexual energy flow as it wishes. 

    I find a video that appeals to me (I actually pay for Twistys), and start watching. Each time I feel that jolt of lust, you know that feeling that quickly washes over you when you see something sexy, I just let it flow and try to feel it fully.I have to constantly remind myself to let them come and go naturally, and not try to move towards it or shy away from it. This proves to be a little harder than I expected. It's acknowledging and fully allowing the physical aspect of the jolt of lust as much as the mental aspect. If I have a abdominal twitch, I let it twitch fully and just ride along. If something really hot happens and a strong wave of lust rolls over me, I just let it come and go as unabated as possible, without shying away to it. For some reason, I have the tendency of slightly shielding myself from those strong sexual waves, almost like I am intimidated by them. Feeling them fully brings some depth of sexual energy I have never felt before. After a little bit, it seems the jolts/waves realize they aren't being suppressed anymore and themselves get excited. From this point, the best thing I can do is just move aside, grab hold of something, and get ready for a ride.

    Tonight, it got pretty hot and heavy, and that certain feeling started to appear again. It's the one where you know shit's getting real, when you can suddenly feel your heart beating, everything has that slight tingle, and everything just feels lighter or something. The video I was watching was already hot, but suddenly the woman became so beautifully sexy it was almost unreal. It's like I was seeing her and her sexuality through a haze before, and now I could see it for the beauty and intensity that it really is. Sounds kinda hokey, but it was so damn hot. At this point, I got so excited I tried to grab hold of the prize, and as you would expect, things started to slip away. Still, was a really hot experience. I used to be so envious of girls and their multiple orgasms, but man this shit is pretty crazy too.
  • @dunno - You have realized some of the most important steps and thought processes needed to be successful with your Aneros! Way to go! Multiple Male Orgasms await you as well, which is a huge prize! Stay on the journey and be patient with yourself.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,173
    doesnt sound hokey to me, sounds like a great session!!  Sounds like even though you are letting the feelings flow freely its also a way of relaxing too?  I know how you feel with the big ones, they catch me off guard too lol