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Lube application question
  • I've been a little disappointed in my Aneros sessions so far. I'm thinking the issue may be inadequate mobility after insertion. I've been using a water-based lube, applied to the Aneros itself, but that's it. (Don't own syringes / applicators to pre-lube myself before insertion)

    From reading some of the threads, it looks like the consensus is that unrefined shea butter is considered the best lube option for Aneros use. Others have reported good results from tropical oils that are solid at room temperature. But(t) how do you apply these solid lubes before inserting the Aneros? And how much to use?

    Also - is it possible for different models of Aneros to "miss" the prostate entirely? My sessions so far have been with a Progasm Classic, but I'm a relatively short guy (5'8"). I also have a Eupho Syn, Helix Syn, Maximus Classic, and DeVice (bought a range of different ones to try out). I had the impression the medium- to large-sized ones were more likely to have prostate contact, which is why I started with the Progasm. Though the High Island site recommends smaller models for shorter guys.

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    I use a blend of coconut oil, Shea butter and a little water beat with a mixer to make a smooth lotion to coat my devices. When I plan a long session I prelube with a suppository of Shea butter. They are easily made my melting Shea butter and pouring it in a wide straw plugged at one end. I freeze the straws to get the Shea butter set then push it out and cut into various lengths. Once set, the suppositories will stay solid at room temperature. Insert a piece and coat the toy and you are good to go. For shorter sessions I just coat with the mixed lotion.

    My use of coconut oil and Shea butter lotion as lube got my wife excited about the lotion. I need up making dozens of jars of the lotion for use on dry skin for her to give as gifts. I use 1 part (by weight) Shea and 1 part (by weight) coconut oil with about 1/10 part (by weight) beeswax melted. Once cooled, I mix the mixed oils 4:1 (by volume) with distilled water and whip it like whipped cream. Sometimes I will mix in some vitamin e oil or a touch of almond extract The ladies love the stuff. Have to make more soon. Best part is I can keep my lube out on the counter and use it without drawing attention to another session.
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    im sure the progasm is fine, if your new it can take sometimes months of sessions before good things happen.  Just try not to change devices too often, i think that can screw things up in the beginning.  Also i use shea butter which is solid at room temp.  Just scoop some into a small dipping jar or tupperware container and microwave until its liquid then pour into a lube shooter and inject.  The rest can be used to coat the device.  If you dont have a lube shooter you can buy them on amazon, they are cheap.