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When I have Super O's does that get me as close as possible to a female multiple orgasms?
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    Back 2 66.67%

    Stomach 1 33.33%

    Sitting on edge 0 0%

    Standing 0 0%

  • I just had a 40 minute session that included many intense orgasms and even a Super O! I was truly left speechless and made sounds I didn't know I could make. I have always been jealous of women and their sex lives. Before Aneros, I get 8 seconds of bliss whereas women it seemed could have orgasm after orgasm. My question is do I finally have a way that equals the female multiple orgasm? My opinion after yesterday was because anal play is so taboo with most men they have no idea what we are missing out on. This I believe is finally are way to be more like women in terms of experiencing other worldly orgasms. I'm gonna have a session this morning because I have gotten so good at it, that a super O happens almost every time. I lay on my stomach and contract and then when it's coming I use a yoga position where you hold yourself up by your hands and bend back and just clinch your butt together, it makes it so much better than laying flat during the orgasms.
  • That IS the question of the year? Is it the same, or better, or ??? I just enjoy what I get!