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Troubleshooting p-waves/muscle exhaustion
  • First of all I am a beginning user and have not achieved any O's (maybe a mini). Without aneros in I can achieve a great session with involuntaries, and it will last a while until I think my PC muscles are too weak to respond anymore and the p waves stop. This all seems normal to me I guess but my concern is that it takes 3+ days before I can get any pleasure from contracting again, seems pretty normal with how the body works but just looking for reassurance or similar experience
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    @buttons, I wouldnt worry too much about it.  Everyone responds differently anyways.  In the beginning its normal for pleasure to be erratic.  Its also possible that your prostate needs a break from stimulation.  Most people, not all, have about 3 sessions per week, though some have them a couple of times a day everyday.  Eventually you will find your groove, so to say, and what works for you, it will just take some time.
  • Thanks a ton, figured as much but always good to clear some doubt