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Need to know what these anal pulses mean - New user
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    Greeting brotherhood of maneros... Firstly let me introduce myself. I'm 47 and straight and have started using a helix and I'm about half a dozen sessions in. I've been following the excellent advise on this forum as best I can, with the odd bit of improvisation thrown in for good measure. Anyway, the last 2 sessions I've had this very pleasant thing happen and I'm wondering if I'm on the right track. After a relaxing start lying on my front, with a few nice tingles (sort of like pins and needles feeling emanating from groin in a kind of pond ripple effect) I rolled onto my back and held an approx 50% contraction. After a second or two my anus started pulsing in and out with me just holding the contraction. It went on as long as I held the contraction. I waited a minute or so and repeated the exercise and it happened again. The pulsing was accompanied by that feeling in my eyes (you know the one when you're about to have a traditional orgasm), the feelings never increased in intensity but they were repeatable and felt great. Is this a stepping stone on the journey i.e. something we all have or is it unique to myself. Any advise from your experiences would be appreciated. Thanks gents.
  • @Bunk...Your body and mind are responding quite favorably to the Aneros! I would say its a great indication that you are rewiring to experience a prostate orgasm. The variations you choose will tell you what works and what doesn't as you progress. Enjoy, and keep reading the's a great source for you!
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    Thanks for that observation TG. Glad I'm heading in the right direction. Just got to remain patient and relaxed and let it happen in it's own time.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Yep, seems like your circling the drain. It happens to many people here. Eventually where all bound to fall down into the rabbit whole, as I and many have already done, never to return : ). Choose your pill wisely B-).

    For further advice or techniques i reccomend that you consult the aneros wiki near the top of the page on the left if you haven't already done so, it is jam packed with useful information. @};-
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @Bunk - Welcome! :)  This pulsing is involuntary anal contractions happening. Something that I find very important towards achieving some sort of multiple, dry orgasm from this practice. It was one of the last things to develop for me in my multi-year journey. So congratulations on getting them so early on in your journey! Eventually you'll be able to experience these by just relaxing and doing nothing. Also see the Milestones section.

  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    Wow... I thought I was getting somewhere. Thanks for the feedback. I can't recall exactly how I ended up doing this but I feel part of a privaliged few. A real life-changer.
  • TickleTickle
    Posts: 31
    I've been getting those for a while now having started with the Aneros over a year ago but not full-on as I had a high work demand over the last year and was always too tired to devote enough time but now getting back to it again. I usually put on some meditation music which gets me relaxed and after about 5 minutes the aneros starts moving in and out very slowly, or it feels like that's what's happening but the muscles are definitely doing something with it thats for sure but really slow, it's nice but nothing ecstatic but I just go with it, I don't do any voluntary contractions at all. This lasts for around 15 minutes say and then nothing after that except the muscles kind of really suck the thing in tight, whether the're trying to grip it onto my prostate or not I don't know but the pressure from the tab on the perinium area is really strong as the aneros is pulled further in but again it's not accompanied with any great feeling but like I say I just go with it and let things happen without too much control from myself. I'm assuming I have involuntaries near the start but they must be ultra slow ones but its a nice feeling so I'll stay with it and see if anything develops from it. I also get very powerful leg spasms/involuntaries and can start these going by myself at any point, they're very fast and violent but quite enjoyable at the same time, come in 15 second bursts over a period of say 5 minutes.
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    One other thing, I find it difficult to maintain a consistent contraction while breathing in. My contraction tends to weaken when I do so, so I try to compensate by increasing the contraction but this takes my mind off where I want it to be and focuses it on my breathing. Any tips..? 
  • Bunk: It's just practice, practice, practice.  My breathing is usually oriented to contractions but in the reverse way of what I had thought  should be more conducive:  The diaphragm moves downward when you inhale, so it seems that it should be done when you let go of a contraction. but most always I find  myself doing the opposite--breathing in as I contract the pelvic muscles.  In the end, it may be like the rhythmic breathing necessary for effective swimming.  It just needs to be regular.  BTW, when I am getting near to my super-O, shallow, calm breathing alone will register pleasure waves "down there".  As far as the anal pulses, you have reached a state of "clonus", with the muscles "bouncing back and forth" on either "side" of a neutral position.  This is similar to the involuntary clonus you can produce with your leg while sitting with your heel off the floor and gently lowering it almost to the floor then lifting it again over 5-10 minutes and eventually, the knee will begin "bouncing".  You can damp these oscillations or accentuate them and I think a similar thing is happening in the anal muscles (it's been explained better by  others in older posts).  In any case, these pulses will induce the pleasure waves and lead you in the right direction if you let them go and try not to control them.  Sometimes, you can actually experience an anal centered orgasm that is different from the "higher" prostate orgasm in a way that I cannot really describe.  It can be very intense.  
    Just continue on exploring and enjoying the experience. Welcome.