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I Think I Had My First Super-O, When I Was ASLEEP?
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139

    The other night, while I was lightly asleep in a fog, I think I had my first Super-O. It was stronger, deeper, and went through far more of my body than any other orgasm ever. However, my perception of it is completely unreliable since I experienced it while half awake. As it went on I recall a part of my brain labeling it "Super-O" and my recent Aneros training kicking in "relax.... don't tighten against it...", but I think I lost it quickly because I wasn't quite awake enough to sustain it correctly (or I just fell into a deeper sleep and didn't get to experience more). I remember waking up an hour or two later wondering if it really did happen.

    Therefore, I can't really post on the Super-O thread or declare myself a Super-O veteran yet until it happens when I'm awake. But if my body is doing it without me, then maybe I'm close?

    Anyone else ever have an Aneros experience while asleep?
  • That's wonderful, @mdad! I am sure that, if you are beginning to experience Super-O's while asleep, they're bound to happen soon while you are wide awake! ;)

    As for myself, as many of you on the Forum know, I have been working with both Peridise and Tempo since Thanksgiving recently. I have been integrating both those models with my Aneros prostate massagers in all my sessions.

    I believe that I may experienced close to a Super-O early Christmas morning nearly two weeks ago. I had slept in a really awkward position and woke up with perhaps with one of the most painful Charley horses in my life. It happened in my left leg. But intermixed with severe pain was awesome pleasure which felt like an orgasm!  I posted this experience on the Forum just after Christmas:

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    ive had many of these dry O's while half asleep or half awake.  It does suck cause your not attune to whats happening though it seems wonderful but cant fully enjoy it.  I think for me they happen cause i get bored and fall asleep while my body relaxes to the point that the pleasure kicks in which awakes me.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    @mdad, yes it's happened to me infact- last time i had a session i was half sleep and i had a series of powerful p-gasms, i wouldn't have known if it where a dream or not if i hadn't started yelling (though I don't know 100% if I yelled in dream or not), but my prostate was on fire with warmth afterwards.

    @ineverknew, this is exactly how it happens for me except for i skip the whole boredom part and get straight to the filling, but i'm able to retain my concuosness and control. It's probably because i've been a frequent victim of sleep paralysis my whole life, it's a very vicious condition.