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Had an interesting experience last night...
  • So, before I explain what happened I would like to give a little context to my situation. Here are some stats:

    -2 months of aneros use, 2-4x weekly

    Despite having not experienced a super or dry orgasm, I have recently discovered an interesting sensation relating to aneros use. This experience was the result of a five day abstinence from ejaculation. The intent was to ratchet up my arousal level to increase the intensity of my sessions, which seems to be common advice on this forum. Of course, during this five day period I enjoyed increased sexual energy and sensitivity in my prostate and other erogenous zones during my aneros sessions. By the fifth day I had enough, and had an incredibly intense ejaculation at the conclusion of my session. 

    By the time I was finished with my session, it was 2 am in the morning. I had achieved sexual satisfaction and was completely drained of energy. After I slipped into bed I began to experience the "day-after effects" known as butt buzz etc. A warm, calm, and relaxed feeling enveloped me. I could feel my prostate tingling as i began to contract and perform kegels. The pleasurable, relaxing feeling spread slowly throughout my body and began to intensify as a pleasure spot became apparent deep within me. It felt as if the pleasure was emanating from along my lower back or somewhere close to the tailbone area. The pleasure intensified and spread up my spine and over my head. No contractions, flailing, or thrashing around occurred. I was completely still, as if i was in a coma or was sleeping. I was now it a state of total relaxation and bliss that encompassed my entire body, i.e. a full body orgasm. To be crude, it felt as if my whole body had became the shaft of the penis and was experiencing calm, gentle and relaxing pleasure.

    This feeling lasted about two minutes, then subsided. After another five minutes, I experienced another one of these full body orgasms. However, the second one lasted ten minutes and was slightly more pleasurable. After conducting some research, I believe this is known as a 'calm seas' orgasm. What I found interesting was that this occurred without the aneros present; a so called 'anero-less' session. I was not expecting this type of result from the aneros. So far the aneros has gone above and beyond my expectations, and I am still in my formative months as an aneros user. I would love to experience this feeling again.  I guess what I would like to know is: How often do other users of the aneros experience this sensation? How often? Can it be triggered at will after enough aneros skill has been attained?

    Thank you and goodnight.
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    First off, I have had more success without the Aneros than with it. It's as if the Aneros sessions prep me and get me ready for the day-after sessions, which are almost always wonderful. I have had moderate success with the Aneros inserted, but nothing like I've had without it. So I don't think what you've experienced is far out of the norm. Personally, I'm wondering if I need a different size or what not to hit my spots just right so my Aneros sessions are as good as my Aneros-less sessions. I'm clearly capable of prostate pleasure, so I just have to find the right balance. I've read that many newbies (I'm at 1 month now) feel like the Aneros isn't the right size for them; so I've been careful not to jump to any other models quickly. I'm not so worried about size, but am interested in how the different models will feel.

    Anyway, I'm digressing. I HAVE had that whole body calm seas orgasm feeling, but only for a few seconds before I let it slip away. It was delightful and I can't wait to have it happen again.

    I have had lots of other orgasm types, however. But at this point, I can't seem to get any session to duplicate any previous session. They are all different! I don't know how easy it is to trigger the same sorts of sessions with experience. I hope it becomes easier with time. I'm sure it will for you, too.
  • mdad,

    I share similar feelings about the different type of aneros models that are available. The SGX model is especially appealing to me since I am of a small stature. Still, I doubt the SGX would significantly push me any further along. I'll just stick with the helix syn for now.
  • In my 15 months, with MMPO's and a few spectacular super-O's, I think I've only had that incredibly wonderful, "calm seas" experience once or twice.  It is something that I look forward to at each session, but I have to "settle" for the other pleasureable experiences.  Soon after I entered these forums, I read (I think it was our "guru" B. Mayfield, who described the many faceted faces of Aneros (and non-Aneros) produced prostate/perineal orgasms.  Though there are patterns that repeat themselves, I agree that the variety of experience itself is eye-opening.
  • The calm-seas orgasm is currently my most common orgasm, with a few full-body contractions here and there...which is a switch from several months ago when I was experiencing more active contractions and, I believe my experience continues to evolve as described by many of our predecessors!