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Lessons learned (so far)
  • Well... almost a year into my journey and ive learned a few things.

    Overuse of the Aneros results in periods of prostate insensitivity and a lot of  dud sessions afterwards, which is really frustrating, and sets me back a lot mentally. At this point, im only willing to leave it in for an hour to an hour and a half at a time, and instead of daily sessions (I've been somewhat addicted to the good feelings, no matter how small i must admit) i will limit myself to three sessions per week. Ive considered "linking" aneros usage with my work out sessions at the gym as a reward of sorts... it could motivate me to get my lazy ass to the gym, improving my health, and then providing my lazy ass with some well deserved pleasure afterwards ;)

    By limiting my sessions to such a short time and limiting the number of sessions per week, i hope to always exit on a high note with my prostate still wanting more, still buzzing with pleasureable feelings. I believe that will speed up my journey and make subsequent sessions better, since i think leaving the aneros in for too long , to the point of discomfort instead of pleasure is detrimental to the process even if it felt good up until the point where it starts to become uncomfortable.. I've done this a lot, and without fail, the pleasurable feelings which was there in the beginning dissapears when it is left in for too long, and the following sessions steadily declines in quality until i give myself some time to recover.

    If im not horny, the massagers is just a piece of plastic or silicone stuck in my ass. Limiting usage makes me want it more, than i used to when it was available at all times.

    As well, ive realized that sleeping with my massagers in is also something i really think should be avoided at all costs. I think the risk of unintentionally damaging myself is too great to ignore.

    Ive learned that its not a race to reach the super-o even though i get
    impatient at times. Im a very impatient person, so coming to this
    conclusion is a "break through" of sorts, for me. Until quite recently ive not really stopped to smell the flowers, on my journey. Not enjoying the journey and becoming impatient is a serious mistake. If it feels great, why sweat it ? I will arrive at the promised land, sooner or later, that im sure of.

    Good old "Mary Jane" really really improves my sessions when im stuck. She is a great tool to use, when progress seems slow and sessions are dissapointing, but im not going to advocate using it as use may be illegal.

    I like the Vice a lot. Some users here posted that the vibrations didnt help much at all, but for me it has resultet in some truly great moments, when i didnt expect it. My go-to tool however is the Eupho, or one of the Peridise's.

    And finally ive learned that vaseline is not a good lube to use, on a regular basis. Once now and again might be fine, but too much makes my body protest. The lube sold by Aneros here, seems to work fine for me, but i might switch to some organic oils eventually.

  • Haven't started yet but was thinking of using vaseline as lube, what did you mean by makes your body protest?
  • It might be a reaction that only i get... some sort of allergy maybe, but it started itching a lot around the rectum, and i felt a whole body tiredness that built up while i was using it, that passed once i gave up the vaseline. I might have experienced lowered immune defense as well as i was sick a lot during this period. I seemed to contract all kinds of infections. But try and see how your body reacts. It could be unrelated to the vaseline but i dont want to risk anything by using it when theres good alternatives around.
  • Yesterday... holy crap. I cannot believe the crazy, unreal, amazing feelings i had. I inserted the Vice, set it to a slow rythmic vibrating pulse and i immediately took off into uncharted territory. None of that "hmm maybe somethings building up here..." crap. It was almost instant, boom... orgasm land and i never had to try to get there. Never ever have i felt anything remotely similar to this. My god... i cant believe how intense the experience was. Im not sure if i had a super-o, because i never lost control of my body as so many people report doing when in the grip of a super-o but oh man.. if it gets any better than this... wow!!!!!!!

    How can one get amazing feelings like this, and not get seriously, hardcore addicted to it ? This totally blows anything ive ever felt completely out of the water. And the Vice... my god... this little puppy just became a instant favourite :))

    Im at a loss of words to describe the experience.