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Wow! With Peridise and Tempo, I've got rhythm!!!
  • Hi guys,

    A week or so before Thanksgiving, I ordered the Aneros Advanced Peridise Set and the Aneros Tempo at discount from Both items arrived just before that holiday. From both the Peridise and Tempo, I received immediate and fulfilling satisfaction. They both insert easily, and what I noticed immediately is that they produce a rhythm that is irresistible. I find myself singing the popular song, "I've got rhythm," as these guys massage, exercise, and tone my anal sphincters and surrounding musculature. They are also great for the Kegel Exercises.

    The Peridise works well for a guy who is experienced in anal play. But somehow it may be a good introduction to an absolute beginner in their Aneros journey. What do you think?

    The Tempo because of its high-end cost and its weighty heft seems to me to be the Cadillac of the Aneros line. For me, it ranks up there with the Progasm Classic.

    Anyway I have used P1 and P2 from the Peridise set along the Tempo with my other Aneros models. The Peridise and Tempo have put my Aneros sessions on a much higher level. Now I get into this rhythm and thereby I am developing greater control. The result is the sheer pleasure that I experience now within my sessions and the "rhythmic" afterglow outside of my sessions. I believe that very soon that I am bound to experience my very first Super-O. :D :D ;)


    P.S. I dedicate this post to @Aneros2 who has the Tempo in his avatar. :D
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Excellent review, I’m surprised no-one commented. I may order either peridise or tempo tonight.
    Update: I finally decided on a peridise it is ordered and on its way!
  • Excellent, @Trei! You're going to love the Peridise. I am sure it is going to enhance your working with your other Aneros models. The Peridise is a very good stepping stone to the Tempo which I hope you get someday soon.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Oh yes! without a doubt, the Tempo is definitely on my hit-list. My completed aneros team will be comprised of Progasm Jr. (or Helix Syn),Tempo (or Eupho Syn), Peridise (owned), and Progasm Ice (owned).

    Those 4 models will hopefully give me the full range of the aneros spectrum from large to small. I would have added eupho syn but i figure it's too similar to the tempo/peridise.

    As well, i chose peridise even though it's close to tempo because of the ability to easily travel around with it which can be difficult with other models, so it'll be like my travel aneros. @};-