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My Aneros Advanced Peridise Set review accepted at
  • Hi guys,

    Earlier this afternoon I also submitted at a review on the Aneros Advanced Peridise Set which I brought through Amazon some weeks ago. It was accepted by Amazon, whereas my review on the Tempo was rejected. You will see that the content of both my reviews are quite similar. Right now I post the text of my Peridise review for your perusing and comment:

    "My Aneros Peridise Advanced Set arrived across country ahead of schedule for me to use it for the first time Saturday morning after Thanksgiving. I used the Peridise with the largest bulb recommended for beginners. I experienced immediate satisfaction.

    "The Peridise set is used to massage and exercise or rather strengthen to the anal sphincters and auxiliary muscles. Experienced Aneros Prostate Massager users may experience a pleasurable Peridise rhythm the very first time. That is what happened to me for sure!!! I use the Peridise in concert with the Aneros Tempo and my other "beloved" Aneros Prostate Massager models in all my sessions. My Aneros sessions, as a result, have been revolutionized to the point that I may experience a Super-O very soon!

    "Please keep in mind that the Aneros Peridise Advanced Set is an unisex product, suitable for both men and women. It works well with those experienced in anal play. But it may be even used as an introduction to absolute beginners in Aneros sessions. I highly rate this product."