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A great mystery! My review on the Tempo rejected at!
  • Hi guys,

    Several weeks ago I purchased the Aneros Tempo through for my sessions. It was one of the best investments I ever made. However, an hour ago, I submitted a level-headed review of my purchase at Amazon. They rejected it. I am mystified because no vulgar language was used. :(

    Here is the text of my review:

    "Untold Aneros benefits and blessings!!!

    "I believe that the Aneros Tempo Unisex Anal Stimulator is the Cadillac of the Aneros line, with the possible exception of the Aneros Progasm Classic (which I adore!). The Tempo is perhaps the heaviest model, made of stainless steel along with two ridges and a bulb for effective anal stimulation and even for the Kegel Exercises!

    "I began using the Tempo several weeks ago, just after Thanksgiving. It inserted easily through both my anal sphincters. Since I am an experienced Aneros user, I began to experience an uncanny, yet deeply satisfying rhythm as the Tempo began massaging, exercising, and toning my anal sphincters. I use the Aneros Tempo along with the Peridise and my other Aneros Prostate Massagers in all my sessions. As a result, my Aneros sessions are now on a much higher level, so much so that I may experience my Super-O very soon. Right now just exquisite pleasure, and it is just getting better and better and better!!!

    "Please keep in mind that the Tempo is an unisex model, suitable for both men and women. However, I think that only experienced Aneros users or those into anal play can use the Tempo effectively at the get go!"

    Please let me know what you think.

    Thank you,