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Honeymoon period over ?
  • nervenerve
    Posts: 19
    Seven months since I started this journey.
    Something has changed recently. My sessions have taken on a distinctly different tone, and I'm wondering if its like the end of a honeymoon period.
    Some of things that have changed are, the waves when they come take much longer to build, before they rolled in pretty quickly.
    The device has stopped moving by itself, it used to slide up and down when things got hot,  Not getting hard as easily.
    There is always some sensation going on, almost 24/7 unless my mind is occupied elsewhere.

    Have users with more experience been through something like this. I've noticed a distinct change, and I've not changed lubes or the frequency of my riding. Is this part of a normal progression ?

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,180
    I've been at it over 2 years and yes I have noticed after a dry spell things have changed, usually for the better though.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 389
    It is ulikely the honeymoon is over, you are just going through a change. I agree with @ineverknew, you may be entering a dry spell. They happen, then they go away. Your session routines may change following a dry spell. A dry spell can last for a while and the greatest challenge is to let it run its course without getting frustrated.

    There is still a lot to be learned during a dry spell. Try focusing on the subtle sensations that you might have been overlooking during your sessions.

    Good luck!

  • In my 15th month of the Aneros experience (Helix Syn) there are periods of 1-2 weeks in which my sessions have been  just "pleasant".  There are so many factors influencing your experience, it's hard to know why.  Just leave off for a few days and come back to your sessions with a low key, whatever happens, "que sera sera" attitude and you'll see that the good times will return.