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Create chat online account name
  • nenasnenas
    Posts: 40
    I would encourage each user of CHAT to create his/her specific account name rather than using a GUEST account.
    Since a specific temporary GUEST account (e.g. GUESTx) refers to a specific participant at one time, this is not maintained when this
    name has been re-assigned to a different individual.It is then impossible to reconnect or address an individual at a later time.
    It is as well suggested to provide Gender, Age,country province or state, straight, bi or gay.

    I believe this suggestion may improve the value of CHAT the best education or training tool. 
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 303
    Good encouragement, znieh.

  • nenasnenas
    Posts: 40
    Well not much has changed. May be its because chat members do not know how.

    Press Panels and select Profile... Fill it in.