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Didn't think I was gay, but.....
  • Hey guys. A little bit of back story: I purchased a mgx 6 years ago and (poorly) tried it out only a couple times with terrible results and tossed it. After watching this product and reading these forums for years (yes, years that I did NOT own the product I read the forums), I decided to try again. And I'm very happy that I did.

    I've owned the helix for a month now and ran out of ID glide, I'm waiting on my 17oz bottle to come. I've yet to have any kind of "O", but I do get nice sensations when I get relaxed enough....

    Which brings me to my point of this thread: I like to imagine taking it from behind while using my helix. It's weird for me, because I don't consider myself gay. There isn't any specific man that I imagine, just imagining that I'm being taken. Let me point something out: there's nothing about a man that turns me on. I don't like man chest, legs, hair, smell, feet, arms, nothing. BUT, what I do like is pleasing someone. In all honestly I'd rather a beautiful transexual fuck me than a guy.

    Do you think it makes me gay to imagine getting banged when using aneros? Or is there another word for someone that likes to have sex with women with penises?

    And thanks to this community for all its help and advise.
    I have nothing against being gay.
  • Hi. am gay. 100%. Have shagged women. Was with a dutch prostitute.(U try walkin thru the dam stoned and not goin 4 it). I watch lesbian porn sumtimes, especially orgasm contraction cumpilations. Fuckin love em. BUT... if i was gettin a dvd and a chinese, and was gonna cuddle on the sofa 4 de nite, it'd have to be a man. Wouldnt feel rite with a woman. Dats why i'm gay. Just do what feels good. Doesnt change u into a flamer queen :). Good luck
  • Hi again. Actually just posted de last post and was like, he should try this. I said in last post about liking female orgasm contraction cumpilations. The sight of pussy doesnt turn me on. Its the sight of the contractions and the moans and knowin she's feelin good. So reverse it 4 u. Ur obvs str8, but next time u jack just look at gay cumpilations on xvideos or xhamster. Ur gettin off by knowin they're feelin good, by watchin their orgasm pump, not by the fact that its a guy and a cock. Just a taught. Later.
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    Highly doubt it makes you gay.  Loving everything you say you dont like about men makes you gay.  I am curious though, do you happen to watch a lot of porn?
  • Is it more important to have a label for yourself or, to acknowledge that, as a person, you are capable of such incredible sensations through your own body. It just so happens its path is through your anus, which, in my mind has absolutely nothing to do with being str8 or just is!
  • @ irishedger -  See, the sight of pussy DOES turn me on. But I think you are right: it's the knowing that they're getting off. I've realized this a while ago, but IMHO that can (and did) cloud my judgement because I don't seem to care whether it is male or female. I just want someone around me having an orgasm. Right now. 

    @ineverknew - Yes, I do.

    @Theme_Gasm - It's not important to have a label, but it is important to know yourself. I don't want to be denying myself when its staring me in the face. So I thought I'd get some input. But I feel you, overall it shouldn't matter. Just don't want to lie to myself
  • @MrHardee...Agree with you 100%! Being honest with myself is much more important! Happy riding buddy!
  • TreiTrei
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    @Mr.Hardee: I feel the same way, having someone penetrate deep into me seems like the most erotic thing in the world, however, i'm also not attracted to men (though i do admire sex energy no matter the source).

    No you're not gay since you're attracting to feminine traits even though its on a male. If you attract to fem then your straight, if masc then not. (There's a reason why "straight" men constantly fall for "traps" ; )

    I <3 sexy cross-dressers and the like.

    However, i feel bad looking at transsexual porn as most feel like they’re born in the wrong body and likely just do porn to get by but in reality they "hate" thier penis and find those that attract to them because of their peinis repulsive and perverted..

    They see it as someone is getting off on thier medical condition like someone that has a fetish for amputees.

    P.S.: (NSFW)-> How can anybody know that he is a man? He isn't even transsexual. Though many cd's aren't as passable.
  • MrHardee, you said: "Do you think it makes me gay to imagine getting banged when using aneros? Or is there another word for someone that likes to have sex with women with penises?"

    I don't know. What I do know is that you are opening yourself and your imagination to uninhibited possibilities with aneros prostate massage. All I can say is keep yourself open and really look at whatever comes up. Explore everything without inhibition like you have been doing. The word that comes to my mind is "pegging".

    I'm love everything about men and about myself. I identify as gay. I've probably been like this from birth although I came out at 32 yo. I'm open to sexual fantasies with women if they come to me but they seldom do so far. That doesn't make me identify as bisexual. Enjoy whatever fantasies come to you. You get to choose how you identify.
  • i have to agree with irishedger. I'm 100% gay but watching women squirt is able to push me over the sexual edge every time. Something about connecting the pleasure the women are having to what I experience with my Aneros toys lights my fire.
  • I'm gay as well but it seems like you just like to receive pleasure a different way. The fact that you know you like being penetrated is fine. Its great that your coming to those conclusions now cause to force anal play will really make you confused. But since you like it continue with it and see were it takes you. It may give you the courage to find a transexual to play with or it just might give you the urge to get more toy to explore with. But just do it by your own pace. Its your body, mind and ass so be careful and have fun.
  • Transvestites are a major turnoff for me. Transexuals on the other hand, can b hot.
  • Mr. Hardee, everyone is pretty much hitting the right notes here, they really are... As a straight like you, it feels good because it's different, because it's going to hopefully lead to something magnificent, etc. Now within the last few years my porn habits changed a bit to trannies \ shemales, not sure about the official term.

    Take this video for instance...

    Abso-frickin-perfect... Her body is just perfect. Beautiful face. Flat stomach. Nice skin tone. And her ass, her absolutely perfect ass that could smother \ bang me \ receive me all night! And yes, a nice big hard dick. Again, this is coming from a straight, but having now explored that type of porn, I tend to like the big hard ones. I actually get pissed when they're either small, can't get hard, or just all around messed up looking.

    And I just posted in your thread irishedger as well, pretty much covering the same thing. But like the star above, Isabella Lobos, I just find her absolutely stunning... And the thing is, we could both share in aneros play, assuming she \ he has a prostate... (Really, I am confused about the terminology or what really goes on)
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    @HopefulMMOer She looks like wonder woman compared to him lol.
    While where at it Those feet!!
  • Just to clarify for the straight men here. A transvesdite is a man who dresses like a female and get sexual kinks out of it. A shemale/tranny/transexual/transgendered is a male who either lives there life as a female or feel they were born as a woman but just in a males body. Some have working cocks but with the hormones they tend to not work as well cause there not used regularly. Also since they were born males in the beginning they still do have prostates unless they have them surgically removed. Hope that helped you all.
  • Trei - Absolutely, I mean she is just absolutely stunning and just thinking about pounding and or being pounded makes me want to ride now! As for the feet, I mean look, if Lobos wanted me to play with each toe in her mouth, I'd break out the honey and take an hour or so:}

    BigOluver - I should edit my last post on the other thread similar to this as I wonder the same thing about the different terminology. Now of your four terms you used, transgendered applies to say Chaz Bono right? And wow, didn't know the prostate could be removed!
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    @HopefulMMOer You liked that huh? i too would dedicate a good amount of time and affection to dem feet!:) I also didn't know that the prostate could be removed :-?.

    Do you want to pound/be pounded like this? vid turns me on! lol.

  • @hopefulmmoer yes the prostate can be removed if the male to female transexual wants a vagina. But if they keep there penises and use them then they keep there prostate and other male organs. In the the case of Chaz Bono. That was female to male so she wouldn't be able to get a prostate but she would be able to get a nice size penis. 
  • Trei - See, to each his own... Where you're a foot guy, with the right ass I'm more than happy to dedicate a goodly amount of time!:} Now as far as your first link goes, now we're dabbling with aspects of my sexuality I should put on the back burner for the moment...

    Learning about what my body can do, especially with how the aneros does it, on top of really finding a liking for trannies... I guess I only want to chew so much gum and walk at this point! (For now though, I'll just wish I was this guy getting pounded, without a condom though, just preference)

    BigOluver - Now tell me that, as I really don't want to google... How do they make the penis? And why does he get to be hung when... Oh never mind!

    Also curious, M to F with all the hormones, would they still be able to ride like we do? As in are they affected from the transition any? (Not that I'm planning on riding with a tranny or anything!)

    Trei, that's the guy I wish I was, but where was his pounding!?!?!?
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    @HopefulMMOer Damn taht was hawt! How could he hold back his cum with that amazing transsexual tearing him apart like that! I must resume this video later, but resume i will..that blowjob was killer! I would L.O.V.E. to be him omg! i would tear her to peices! x D
  • @hopefulmmoer if they keep there male organs then yes they can ride like us but if they get a vagina there are female aneros toys so they would still be able to join in on the fun. But I think you all woud want them to keep there cocks. A transexual with a nice long cock and a nice ass to hold a progasm ice i bet would be a fantastic night of pleasure that you all would enjoy.
  • Trei - You and I both! I always love when they video from behind and you see him pounding away at her, and I especially love when it's the trannie doing the banging and you see her perfect ass, that you'd just love to loose your dick or tongue in for hours, just pounding away! Like that one link of Lobos, toward the end you see her banging him from behind... JUST PERFECT.

    BigOluver - Oh exactly, I mean I'm sure the men that completely transition to female can be beautiful. But when you have one that is women except her dick, and she's beautiful and has just a wonderful ass, and then a nice looking long hard tool, I'd absolutely love every minute of it! Some though have really nasty packages for some reason, guess the hormones or something.

    And thanks for the link, would have loved to see her ass and or ride bareback, but it'll work either way:}
  • Oh absolutely, both of them, and I love how their various holes quiver and pulse... See, in the end, I just find the female form absolutely exquisite when done right. I like a nice body on a guy but mainly because of envy, not attraction. Now I'm liking Tgirls a lot lately, but that's a whole other story!

    What you'll see there, IMHO, is absolute perfect from top to bottom. They say 10's don't exist? To me, she's 90! Beautiful face, piercing blue eyes, long brown hair, a nice thin and ripped stomach, great perky breasts, she's flexible in ALL positions, she likes Greek \ COF \ CIM \ DATY, oh and her ass... As an ass man, I tend to like em big tight and bubbly, but hers on her body is absolutely stunning. If she was my wife, I'd never want to leave the house as my motivation in life would be to bring her to heights of bliss as often as possible.

    So yeah, I'm kinda biased N all:}
  • Oh and I linked that video instead of her squirting in one (I would leave no drop un-swallowed), her literally bent over backwards with her back arched up (I would squirt chocolate syrup on her stomach and let it slowly drip down her body, through her V, and into my awaiting mouth underneath) and or upside down on her hands getting banged greek style (enough said) b\c this way you won't actually be distracted by the guys and just get to see her solo.
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Nope, it doesn't make you gay. As you mentioned you are attracted to women, not men. I consider myself straight and often fantasize about being penetrated by a woman, and will actually simulate that with my dildo occasionally. The word you are looking for is "pegging".

    I crossed over into wanting this sort of sexual practice from my Aneros practice and realizing how much I enjoyed the anal and prostate stimulation. As have a number of guys here. You should check out the pegging thread here:

    And also the pegging subreddit at
  • A couple of times with my helix syn I've felt like a woman being penetrated in my pussy by my love.  I don't really know how to handle that,  So, I've let Cher, my lovely bottom multiple personality, come out and play.  She embraces it, and it feels sooo goood.  

    You'll have to look at my blog to see about the recreational multiple personalities that were created in a chatroom about 10 years ago when I developed ED and my own body was so unsuitable for cybersex.  Most are mere role-play.  A few are "alive" and I can feel what is happening with their bodies and their emotions in magiccyberland. 

    Sally's a natural top.  

    They haven't been out in years since I stopped doing cybersex, until my journey started here.  It does take at least three times more time than physically making love, and I needed the sleep.  

    Personally, I'm attracted to women, although the few times I've found myself with  a man I've rather enjoyed it.  Although I haven't penetrated nor been penetrated by a male except for an unfortunately insufficiently-lubed experience in high school with my best friend when we were wondering what sex was like.

  • why can't u be a try sexual? much like irishedeger, many times we do things that are uncomfortable. first time with the Jr i knew it was not for me but now I'm back with the MGX I love gay porn and im str8 I love the pussy palpitations are sweet. something about a guy getting fucked it hot. I know ill never be able to take a rock hard up my ass, It fun to watch.

  • Hi again. Actually just posted de last post and was like, he should try this. I said in last post about liking female orgasm contraction cumpilations. The sight of pussy doesnt turn me on. Its the sight of the contractions and the moans and knowin she's feelin good. So reverse it 4 u. Ur obvs str8, but next time u jack just look at gay cumpilations on xvideos or xhamster. Ur gettin off by knowin they're feelin good, by watchin their orgasm pump, not by the fact that its a guy and a cock. Just a taught. Later.

    Nice to find someone else who gets off on watching women/men contract in orgasm. It's been a huge fetish of mine as well. Nice to know I am not alone. And OP, just enjoy enhancing your sexuality. Don't get caught up worrying about your sexual orientation. Broaden your mind and body. Enjoy the fantasies and pleasure.
  • B1456B1456
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    If you want a label, just label yourself a Human,. after all thats what everyone is, Just human.