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Short And Angled
  • I purchased the Eupho Syn and read everything in the forums about the relaxations and how to feel. Three weeks and nothing. I finally just tried with a finger and realized that my prostate is.. well its weird to describe. It's like it is only a few inches in and there is a slight bulge above it that when I insert the aneros in, it his that bulge and goes away from and not against the prostate. At first, I thought I was just wrong and starting feeling around and found it right under that bulge (which was funny because I didn't want to move my hand for a minute). That leaves me a bit perplexed though. How do I hit it with the aneros knowing that the prostate is lower than where the Eupho Syn hits. The bulge is where the top ridge is hitting so I'm not getting any luck... 
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    From your description of your anatomy, it sounds as if a better model for you to have used to begin your Aneros journey might have been the SGX.

    When I began four years ago, the SGX was recommended as the beginners model and is especially useful for those of smaller build. This is not to say that the Eupho will never do the job for you but the Eupho (Classic) was considered to be suitable for "advanced" users, although, I note that many beginners seem to be going for the Eupho SYN now.

    I now find that the Eupho SYN is not as good for me as the Eupho Classic, but that may be just my problem!

    Good Luck!