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Do you want a Maximus Syn and/or Maximus Ice (poll)
  • View Poll Results: Do you want a Maximus Syn and/or Maximus Ice? Voters: 12

    You may not vote on this poll

    Yes, for Maximus Syn 4 33.33%

    Yes, for Maximus Ice 1 8.33%

    Yes, for both proposed models 4 33.33%

    No 3 25.00%

  • Hi guys,

    Quite a few of us love the rugged stimulation we receive from the Maximus Classic. Although not as thick or long as the Progasm Classic or ICE, the Maximus Classic has a large head all the same and also a prominent mid-section ridge, delivering a rugged ride to its user. Just as I said several days ago on this Forum, Maximus Classic tells me he's boss. I submit to his big man fashion when I Aneros with him. In fact, I get horny just thinking about him in the same way I think I think of big bruisers, Progasm Classic and ICE. ;) :D :D

    I have created this poll on these two proposed Aneros models of Maximus for the consideration of the Aneros/HIH Company.

    I agree wholeheartedly with @Wandering_Smoke when he wrote:

    "Do you want a Maximus Syn? It seems that many people do, so I have made this poll to see just how many are interested. Maybe the Aneros/HIH company will take our votes here into consideration when they think about their next model." 

    I think a consideration about a Maximus Ice should be added to this poll though.

    Thank you,


    P.S. I composing this poll in behalf of @Wandering_Smoke who had trouble creating his poll on this question.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 765
    I would probably like the Maximus Ice, mainly because I like smoothness; I've polished both my Progasm and my Maximus to quite a sheen. I probably should try a Syn just to see how they respond.

    Who knows, maybe Syn would become my favorite, and would want a Maximus Syn.

    Why not both, or is this a game/poll of either/or?