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New Eupho Syn - most progress i've ever made in one session!
  • Just got my Eupho Syn in the mail yesterday. Tried it out last night. I was very impressed. I'd been making some strides with my Helix Classic, but my first session with the Eupho was the best session i've had to date. 

    The sensations were so extremely subtle but extremely pleasurable. Very quickly into the session I was having intermittent twitches and contractions. Also the very first time I was able to achieve twitching and contractions while lying on my back - i've always found that the position that worked best for me with the Helix was with my knees on the floor, with my upper body draped over my bed mattress. But last night, while on my back (knees bent, feet flat on bed) at one point my entire body seized up and went tense for a few short seconds. I thought "this is it!", but it subsided and never came back again. 

    It was exciting to think that I'm getting that much closer to a more enjoyable experience, especially on just the first try with the new device. 

  • Welcome to the Wonderful World of Eupho! I thoroughly enjoy my Eupho classic without exception! That sudden might experience more of those with Eupho!

    "Rewiring is a guy thing!"