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  • I purchased the maximus during the black friday  sale. It is as of now my favorite model.The large round head feels wonderful during insertion and the girthy body makes all the right contact. I was amazed at the deliberate,steady,involantary,vasolation that started after about 10 min.The p-tab seems to hit me at just the right angle to stimulate the perineum. Thanks be to my Creator for showing me such a pleasurable way to improve and maintain my health.       Best Regards Evergreen
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    good words about a tool that's "purposeful" but not exaggerated in how it works with my bod.

    I employ Max as a warm up toy for my Eupho sessions.  Five to ten minutes wth Max distributes lube and gets me loosened up for a very agile experience with Dame Euph.  
  • I began my Aneros sessions in early June 2012 with Helix Syn. In early August 2012, I added Maximus to my sessions. He took a great deal getting used to.

    He is still a star player in my sessions. He shows me that he is boss when I use him. Not only does he have a large head, but also a prominent midsection that gives me rugged stimulation. He's a real hot f**ker!!! :D Soon after Maximus introduced me to the big boys, Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice, both of which I adore! ;) :D :D

    I still very much want to develop and bring to market Maximus Syn and Maximus Ice models soon. That would be so awesome! :D


  • Maximus is not to small not to big but just right!

  • @BigGlansDC Our different sexual orientations aside, I fully agree with you! The Maximus feels great, and it commands that you comply (Star Trek reference. Resistance is Futile). I'm always happy to comply with the demands of any member of my Borg (Aneros) collective ^^

    We need a Syn version!!!!
  • Yes, @Wandering_Smoke, we certainly need a Syn version of Maximus!!! We also need a Maximus Ice. ;)

    Hi @braveneworld, nice to see you in this discussion.

    Also I cannot wait for a long, leisurely, and robust with my Aneros guys first thing tomorrow morning Saturday. Just a couple weeks ago, I added Peridise and Tempo to my Aneros sessions. These two models have taken my Anerosing to a whole, new level! :D :D ;)