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You'll Know When It Happens
  • AzaAza
    Posts: 4

    So I had my first Dry Super “O” last night, and after having it, in my opinion I can say when you finally do have one, you cannot fail to know. After a journey of almost 2 years I have come to the realization that it’s a heightened, yet balanced state of mind, body and “spirit” that when achieved to its full extent is recognizable as such, but is far more difficult to attain for some than you would think.

    I am very lucky in that my wife of four years is very sexually open and has taught me (a mid 40’s heterosexual man), a lot about the merging of the “physical” and “mental”, how to enjoy her body and also as importantly how to enjoy my own.

    We often take showers and baths together, washing each other and enjoying sensual caressing, and if we are lucky enough to be somewhere with a large hot-tub/bath, “a lot more”. Previous to this relationship I never fully explored myself, and during our co-bath-times she sometimes probed my anal area, which I found very pleasurable. Unfortunately for me (in some ways !), she has very small hands and fingers, and cannot reach far, so she never managed to get much prostate contact, but she did enough to know that I liked the feeling.

    So the next trip to the “Adult Shop” we looked around and was advised to try the Aneros Helix Classic, as the Syn models did not exist back then. I got a couple of lubes, one water based, and one silicon based, read the manual, and started my journey.

    I quickly found that the P tab on the Helix Classic was very harsh on me to the extent that it was painfully uncomfortable, and the process of applying lube was a chore. Over the next few months I did a lot of reading on this forum, and tried different methods, as well as different lubes, and eventually started trying different Aneros Models; the Progasm Ice, Eupho Classic, Helix Syn, Progasm Jr,, and when it recently came out, the Eupho Syn. My favorite is the Eupho Syn which is the mainstay of my sessions, however the Progasm Ice gives a nice “full” feeling which is very pleasurable.

    I have also tried lots of different lubes, water based and (when using non-Syn models,) oil/silicon based, with different insertion methods (dropper, syringe, condom method etc). Eventually I have found that Shea Butter and Coconut Oil in a 1:1 ratio, melted, mixed, and placed into a small ice-cube tray and then in the fridge is the best solution. I make up 4 trays at a time, and when solid store in a plastic zip-lock bag in the fridge. A quick clean out if needed, and then pop a small “lube nugget” up there; it is small & slippery enough to go in easily on its own, and you cannot really feel the cold as it’s small and melts quickly. Then some Vaseline on the Aneros, and I am gtg.

    Very quickly I found that I could have P-waves and a lot of pleasure, and generate a lot of pre-cum, but even mini O’s were elusive, and despite no penile contact, mind calming, porn/no-porn, Hypno music, closed eyes and erotic thoughts etc, the O’s did not come.. not that I didn’t enjoy the Aneros sessions, I did, but no real O’s. Even so, I quickly found myself being re-wired and able to feel P-waves outside of Aneros sessions. My problem was too much self-control and not being able to let go, or so I thought !

    Next I tried my sessions with a little Weed, and found that helped a lot with letting go, larger P-waves and anal twitching starting before even inserting the Aneros, but again, the O was elusive… I felt more calm and relaxed, but something was still missing.

    I tried intercourse with different Aneros models, and found that they sometimes helped to give a better ejaculation, but no O, and also other issues, like the Progasm popping out mid-session (not good !... keep to the smaller models for this guys) or “reduction” of erection at inopportune times occurred due to the prostate hogging all the blood, so now I usually do not insert when we have “traditional” intercourse.

    Many times I eventually gave in, and often ended with a Super T, which whilst “bad” in the quest for the O, at least finished off sessions to a satisfactory “good” end.

    Fast forward to this weekend, Saturday morning I woke up feeling horny with a nice boner. My wife was lying sleepily next to me on her back, so I slid my arm down over her stomach, gently stroking around her vulva, and then worked my fingers slightly inside her, to gently touch and then caress her clitoris, working round in small circles building her towards orgasm. Small groans and pelvic thrusts told me I was on the right track, so I carried on, eventually felt her spasm and gasp in climax… but she had not had enough. She rolled over and thrust her hips high, and invited me to mount her from behind, which I readily did, pounding her hard to groans of ecstasy, and finally climaxing when even I could not hold back any more.

    But I did not notice (and she had not either) that she had started her period, and whilst this does not stop us having intercourse (it’s only blood “down there”), it does make her a lot more sensitive, and my extended pounding had made her quite sore.. I was “out of luck” for the rest of the weekend… or so I thought !!

    Sunday night, we showered, got into our night robes, relaxed on our double reclining sofa, smoked a little weed, put on some old TV show, and started to wind down from our busy weekend. As I assumed regular sex was off because she was too sore, I had cleaned out and lubed up, but had not inserted, so that I would be “ready” later on if I so chose.

    At one point in the show the main character (a sexy blond) came out dressed in a very slinky negligee, and my wife felt my body stiffen.. she reached down and felt it wasn’t the only stiff thing, so started to massage my shaft. I had no Aneros in, but I was soon highly aroused at her ministrations, my prostate and anus throbbing and spasming as she rubbed her hand up and down over my pulsing cock head. My vocalizations would have been more fitting at a football match, and when I finally came in a huge Anerosless Super T, the scream matched the force of my ejaculation, and she laughed as a very large amount of white stringy cum squirted me in the face, pooled on my stomach and dripped off her hand.

    I clean myself off, and we headed to bed. She was still feeling aroused from her “penis massage” to me, but not up for penetration, and oral was out (on her), so she spread her legs and started to masturbate herself… I popped in my Eupho Syn and laid down next to her left side. We were both on our backs at a 90 degree angle to each other at the hips in a V, her legs over the top of mine, bent up at the knees. My right outer thigh pushed her left leg wide on her inner thigh, opening up her pelvis and making her vagina lips part more, my right hand reached over to her ample left breast and gently caressed it, occasionally brushing across her hard nipple.

    She started to groan, and I started to climb that final peak… up she went, and I followed her up, P-waves, feelings of bliss, and the feeling of blood rushing to my prostate… until her final body spasm and ecstatic groans, and it hit me as she climaxed.. a full on Dry Super O, large uncontrollable body spasms, unable to think or feel, groaning, over and over, crashing waves of bliss for several minutes. My penis did not exist, all I could feel was the rippling pressure of my prostate as it pulsed and throbbed, and she groaned along with me in her own orgasm. Eventually we came down, and I decided it would be best to “let it fade”.

    This was it, a Dry Super O.. relaxation, eroticism, letting go, mind exploding orgasm, and not alone in a dark room, but lying next to my life partner as she also exploded in her own bliss.

    Thinking back, the feeling was very different to a normal ejaculatory orgasm, and I think the earlier “T” made my body able to move forward. I now know what it feels like, and I know it’s repeatable, and it will be different/longer/higher next time… but also as important, I know the “O” is real…. it is amazing, it’s hard to put into words, and I am sure it is different every time and for every person… but it does exist.

    Here’s to the journey, with many more roads to travel, be they long or short.

  • ...and another true believer is born! Congratulations buddy!
  • Welcome to the Super O Club. It's not exclusive just very hard to get into . But you have and congratulations. 
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,180
    Great description @Aza!  I am wondering though what you think made the difference for you in acheiving the super O?  From reading your description my first thought would be that it was because you were focused on your wife's orgasm?  So im guessing you think its easier when you and your wife are climbing the orgasm tree together?
  • ReWireReWire
    Posts: 27
    Aza ,Congrats!!! I really love that the two of you are so on the same page. Just reading about your story with your wife is very inspiring. Any tips on getting the p waves going?
  • You've got one hell of a life partner. Enjoy!
  • AzaAza
    Posts: 4

    Great description @Aza!  I am wondering though what you think made the difference for you in acheiving the super O?  From reading your description my first thought would be that it was because you were focused on your wife's orgasm?  So im guessing you think its easier when you and your wife are climbing the orgasm tree together?

    I think it's a combination of "letting go", and "eroticism".

    I am a very self controlled person, even when I am very drunk/high, I tend to "stay in control" [as much as one can when sh!tfaced !].. no stupid/silly stuff, in fact I often find I "fight myself" in my mind to be "logical" and not simply let go.

    Carry this across to Aneros use, and it's an uphill battle for me, especially when you don't even know what to aim for.

    So the earlier penile massage/massive T, along with the little Weed I think really got me relaxed.. aka.. drained out and ready to accept something new.

    Also the presence of my wife I think felt like an implicit "ok, go for it" from her.. I see sex with her as very distinct from Aneros use, and whilst she of course knows about my use, I sometimes feel she's a little jealous that I can just stick something in, and go my own way... she's got a couple of vibrators, but uses them sparingly.

    As to eroticism, after experimenting with straight porn video as a lead up to a session, I find that it is indeed distracting..sometimes fun to have on in the background whilst making out with the wife, but just fills your head with too much "stuff".

    The next best I tried was putting on something like on a 10 second timer on the big screen TV. Whilst thats a lot more "erotic", again it's distracting.. you find yourself "not liking" some pics, and really liking others and wishing they would stay... distracting..

    However the act of a beautiful woman lying naked next to you enjoying herself, making the right noises (I love vocalization) was again the right combination. Close the eyes and think of it.. think of her body, her smell, her exploding in orgasm.. pow..

    Now I have it in my mind I think I know what direction the road now takes.

  • Aza, you're a great story teller! I found myself getting excited at you're experiences with your wife even though I'm gay and rarely get excited with heterosexual sex. Usually just the opposite LOL. But I could follow your narrative all the way. I've noticed that often another person's orgasm will trigger my own if I'm in sync with them. I agree, arousal will go only so far, letting go is the last step. I have yet to take that step but your story is inspiring!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,180
    @Aza,  Great explanation!  Thanks!  I too am a control freak though I have had some super O's in the past they are not always easy to achieve for me probably because it is hard for me to let go.  Unfortunately me and my wife have gone separate ways sexually, she wants none and I want MORE lol.  So suffice to say im very jealous of your situation, I can only dream of someday that happening to me.