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Weird sensations outside of sessions and advice for future sessions
  • is it possible to feel pwaves outside of sessions? I'm not really 100% sure what is a pwave and what isn't. Sometimes during a session I'll get a feeling that is good but nothing happens out of it, whereas sometimes I'll get a very strong and involuntary contractions that sucks the aneros in. I'm not sure which is considered a pwave, but the first one I can seem to get even without the aneras in now. If I do a contraction and steady my breathing, I can feel pleasure on what I'm assuming is my prostate. Not sure if that is normal or a placebo, but I don't think I used to be able to do that. It also happens without any manual contractions if I'm holding in a lot of pee. It feels really good but in a weird way. Is this a good sign that my prostate is "awakening" or whatever?

    On another note, I seem to be getting bored faster with every session. I used to do over an hour long, but now I do about 20 minutes and just start to get tired and not aroused. How can I keep my focus in sessions, and how can I get those little involuntary contractions to start happening more often and for a longer amount of time to really get my prostate massaged?
  • I sounds like your prostate is waking up nicely! The p-wave, for me, started out as sudden tingling around my prostate, but over time has grown into a wave that moves outward from my prostate all the way to my head and toes almost simultaneously! Originally, they were small and infrequent, but over time, since March 2013, they have grown into much more frequent and consistent waves that will go, and go, and go until I want to stop. I can also be relaxing on the couch at home, or even take a minute or two break at work and boom...I'll get a p-wave or two or three that just flow through me...nice little surprises...gotta love it! Greater frequency and for longer periods seem to help move me down the rewiring path...even going to sleep with it in happened quite often! My prostate seems so alive right now...give it all the attention you can!
  • XilehXileh
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    Those feelings occurring outside of a session are a good sign of progress. As @theme_gasm has described, those tingling sensations are the pwaves. Enjoy them, they will be with you at all times, even when you don't expect it.

    If you can tells us a little more about how long you have been using an Aneros and how often, we might be able to help you with your second question about getting board.

    The involuntary contractions seem to develop over time and are another good sign of progress. Once these kick in, good times are ahead.

    All in all, just to try and relax and enjoy. You seem to be making good progress.

  • I used to have an aneros years ago but I didn't know how to use it at the time. I've been doing anal play with dildos and such for over 10 years a couple of times a week. I've gotten dry orgasms from dildos before, and that's what made me try out the aneros again. When I first restarted the aneros, about 2 months ago, I was getting those same pwaves almost immediately and the involuntaries started to happen a few weeks afterwards. I've been using the aneros almost every night since I got it and use to do at least 1 hour each sessions, but now just do about 20 minutes before I resort to traditional masturbating. I'm oozing a ton of precum during sessions and my penis, especially at the head, gets very tingly and I sometimes get that tingly feeling in my arms and legs. I also can feel heart beats on my anus and I think my prostate, but the feeling I get the most is just erections. I mentioned in another post that it's difficult for me to pinpoint exactly what feeling the prostate is receiving.
  • Oh and what I call involuntaries are really just my anus sucking in the aneros very forcefully for maybe 1 second and then releasing. There's no "back and forth" type of movement. It's just the one squeeze and it goes away. Sometimes those involuntaries occur within a few mintues of eachother, but eventually they just die out and I have long stretches between the next ones, and that's why I start to get bored. I've fallen asleep countless times with it in and I try to end sessions before that happens because I don't want to be groggy for work the next day.
  • Good info! Thanks for the extra update! You're actually moving down the path quite well IMHO! My absolute best sessions are always after I've rested, and never at night before sleeping! I would always fall asleep in the middle of some p-wave sessions! These days, I wake up at 4:30-5:00am and have a session...and they are very different than if I tried at night! Those involuntaries, no matter how small, or infrequent, can, and do, grow into more frequent and consistent contractions given time, practice, relaxation and patience! The reason they happened at all was very possibly because you had a relaxed mind and allowed your subconscious to have control...and WHAM you have an involuntary contraction...that's your goal...let the subconscious have control...don't think about, and let it go! These things come to you if you let them! It's unfamiliar territory for most of us, but when you get there...oh boy, watch out!
  • I've never tried to do them at any other time of the day, but that is a good idea. I'll have to try that sometime after I get a good rest in. The thing is I'm never that aroused during the day, it seems to be like clockwork that after dinner and just browsing the web, I start to think about sex and such and that's when I do a session. I'll try it though after I wake up one day. Thanks for that tip.
  • My pleasure!
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    I would just comment that some people get big involuntary contractions in the beginning that only happen once in a while. Those are different then the traditional involuntaries that move consistently but are very subtle only moving the device maybe an 1/8" . These are what you seek and will come with practice. As for boredom try finding some porn online and just listen to it, Dont watch it while having a session.