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Aneros store problem
  • My email address won't stay in my profile on the store side. No wonder I didn't get tracking info when I ordered the full Peridise set awhile ago. The only reason I found the problem is because I called Aneros/HIH to ask if the new Muze was ready, and if it would come with the Vice if I ordered it today (it is, and it will). They couldn't find my account, so I ordered the Vice from here. Then I checked my profile. Yep, my email address wasn't there and it keeps disappearing. I tried entering it 5 times. My forum account is just fine though.

    Is anyone else having that problem?
  • My street address was missing and I had to put it in again even though I was logged in. Then when I tried to confirm my order, it went back to the page where the address should be. I had to put it in several times but it finally went through. unfortunately paypal tells me I ordered 3 peridise sets! I sent a message to aneros to cancel 2 of the sets and still haven't heard back from them. Probably the same guys who screwed up the discussion site. I still have to go thru Google to log in there. I thought at first that I made the mistake, but now I'm not sure.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,009
    No wonder the store has been so busy - they are sending orders in triplicate!
  • They would be even busier if they actually sent the items. I didn't receive a confirmation email about the order or a reply to my message about the triplicate order,. I know something happened because PayPal took my money! I'm contacting aneros2.
  • @euphemistic, Yes, the high volume has made the website run slow so some customers have been clicking submit multiple times and accidentally placing multiple orders.