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Feeling of prostate orgasm
  • diemdiem
    Posts: 36

    I am wondering what is the feeling.
    Here is my experience (approx 6 month owner with infrequent use):
    A week ago I tried my aneros and I felt it a lot to the point I believe to have had something close to an orgasm.
    I tried again yesterday and immediately I felt it again (the aneros). I didn't need much contractions to get back the sensation I had last time. I felt my perineum getting big, the helix felt much bigger and I had waves I felt all over my body. My heart beat was accelerating and my respiration getting louder. I realized I was contracting more than I should and I wasn't able to get higher (orgasm). It came quite rapidly and went away 30 sec or maybe 2 mins later with a remaining sensation in the prostate area (if not the prostate itself). I continued contracting a bit and the area was much more sensible, I was able to go back to the state of "wave all over the body". I couldn't say if it was an orgasm or not. I jerked off and realized the traditional orgasm was much more intense than what I just had. That leaded me to believe I didn't experienced any prostate orgasm at all considering what other users reported (more intense than t-O).

    I would like to know if what you feel is similar to what you have before an orgasm. Do you get these waves gaining in intensity? What takes you even higher, making the whole thing uncontrollable? As I reach the peak, I can't focus and continue the contractions and I start to contract which causes involuntarily contractions. It is good but my muscles get tired and the sensation doesn't progress.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    @diem,  alot of people confuse the fact that a super O is suppose to be the ultimate orgasm.  If you read the wiki description of a super O it basically says its just different and not necessarily a stronger orgasm then a traditional one, though it can be.  Dont be surprised if you experience prostate orgasms in the beginning and they dont match up to a traditional orgasm, cause they are not the same, they will be different from each other.  Some will be weak while others may blow your mind.  Its best to just enjoy them for what they are.  Its also important to remember that we all experience prostate orgasms differently too.  As your brain is rewiring you may miss some things if you dont have an open mind and think only of what a traditional orgasm feels like.  Hope that helps.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I think @ineverknew is entirely correct here. Prostate based orgasms are qualitatively different from penile based orgasms with perhaps even more variations in intensity. You may find the following threads helpful in sorting out your feelings and making some sense of them. What's an Orgasm? Please see my post regarding 'the EDGE', @Buster 's thread What exactly is a Super-O and most importantly 'B Mayfield's response in Non-Ejaculatory response vs. Super-O
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  • diemdiem
    Posts: 36
    Thank you for your post. I really had the mentality of going over the edge as I was looking for more. Something closer to the mind blowing orgasm described by some users.

    I just had another session and I had something stronger. A good 7 minutes of that particular sensation that makes me breathe loud and contract a bit. I was able to bring it back on and on. The thing is that I don't feel satisfied like I do after a T orgasm. I still want more, I want to get that edge. I don't really control it, it seems to go up and down in intensity. It gets better if I stop trying to get more as I would if I was having a t orgasm.

    Strange experience that is! Never thought I would experiment something like that. It helps me relax at the same time. Glad I decided to go foward with aneros... even if the result is quite different than what I was expecting!
  • Thank you for that @rumel. I think I've been in super-o land for a couple months. I just didn't recognise it because I expected a pumping action in the muscles, similar to traditional orgasm. I do think there is a higher level, but I'm VERY happy where I'm at now =^.^=
  • @diem...You said..."It gets better if I stop trying to get more..." does and you'll notice this phenomenon more and more over time! Makes me think my mind, body and prostate already know how to give me pleasure, we just need to let it happen!
  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 193
    Im having trouble letting go n giving up control....
  • You said...
    newguy8 said:

    Im having trouble letting go n giving up control....

    That's because your a man...and it's not as easy for men to do...but, the good news is, you can, with practice and patience, learn to let the Aneros and your prostate show you how much real deep pleasure they can give you! It took two months of nearly daily practice for me, but since starting in March, 7 months ago, I now have a very awake prostate, and I've learned how to relax better than ever! Be patient with's not a race, but a journey!
  • After only two sessions, I've realized that I am not riding my eupho syn like I did the helix syn, it is riding me!